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James Redfield
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are Wil and the narrator?
(a) In purgatory.
(b) On holy ground.
(c) In a place of nightmares.
(d) In a place of dreams.

2. What is the dream about?
(a) Neither Wil nor the narrator can see the images of this dreamer.
(b) A reliving of a Birth Vision.
(c) A visit with God.
(d) A means of traveling through vast areas of space.

3. What does the narrator rationalize about his ankle?
(a) He doesn't really think about his ankle.
(b) It is broken and not sprained and Maya is probably not a doctor.
(c) It wasn't that injured to begin with.
(d) It would have been this good whether Maya had treated it or not.

4. What does the narrator consider telling Maya?
(a) What the twelth insight is.
(b) Everything he experienced with Wil in the other dimension.
(c) What he learns in Peru.
(d) Why he is looking for Charlene.

5. Why does Williams deliberately ignore the pleas of a white woman and large white man to negotiate for peace in a past life?
(a) Because he doesn't like Indians.
(b) Because of his inability to forgive the man a small transgression.
(c) Because of his reluctance to get into trouble with superior officers.
(d) Because he thinks it'd be fun to go to war.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator occasionally hear?

2. In what direction does the narrator walk after his encounter with Maya?

3. Who is David Long Eagle?

4. What does Webber say about multinational corporations?

5. What pushes the narrator out of the other dimension?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Wil say he sees in Maya's dream?

2. What does Wil say about what he is meant to learn?

3. What happens to Wil and the narrator when they move to another plane?

4. What does Williams see in his life review that also involves Long Eagle?

5. What does the narrator discuss with Webber about his intentions and what kind of agreement was reached?

6. What does Wil say might be the reason no one fully understands the Tenth Insight?

7. What does Maya say about healing?

8. What does Wil and the narrator realize about where they are and what do they see Joel experiencing?

9. What does the narrator do that injures him and why did he do it?

10. What does Wil tell the narrator is the reason for him disappearing in Peru?

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