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James Redfield
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator realize about the way he has lived his life?
(a) He has been a good person.
(b) He was living very close to his Birth Vision.
(c) He has strayed from his Birth Vision.
(d) He hasn't lived fully.

2. What does Maya tell Webber and the narrator?
(a) She can't find Charlene.
(b) She is leaving and returning to Florida.
(c) She can't communicate with any ranger she trusts.
(d) She has tied a ranger up in the woods.

3. What does the narrator say corrupted the vision of the United States?
(a) The emerging dominance of capitalism, communism, and fascism.
(b) A rigged voting system.
(c) Too many people living there.
(d) Corrupt politicians.

4. What did the narrator pretend in order to finish his work in a previous life?
(a) That his ankle was hurt.
(b) That he could cure a king's illness.
(c) That he was a woman.
(d) That he was a priest.

5. What does the the narrator urge Wil to do at the beginning of Chapter 6?
(a) End the Experiment.
(b) Talk to Feyman.
(c) Take him to another plane.
(d) Take him to Charlene.

6. What does Wil say is the system that fails to deal with the Fear in contemporary life?
(a) Education.
(b) The socio/political approaches.
(c) Money and power.
(d) Religion.

7. What do Wil and the narrator learn from Feyman's Birth Vision?
(a) He was born to help achieve transcendent energy efficiency.
(b) He was supposed to be president of America.
(c) He was born to help achieve democracy in the Middle East.
(d) He was supposed to be a doctor.

8. Of what is the narrator immediately aware as he returns to the physical plane at the beginning of Chapter 8?
(a) A woman screaming.
(b) An explosion.
(c) Long Eagle.
(d) A dissonance sound.

9. What type of thought does the narrator attribute to the Far East?
(a) Praying to oneself.
(b) Power of contemplation, enlightenment, and spiritual harmony.
(c) Worshiping ancestors.
(d) Yoga.

10. What type of job did the narrator have the first time he met Maya and Webber?
(a) A trapper.
(b) A muscian.
(c) A calvary officer.
(d) A pony express rider.

11. What does Webber say is the reason the four of them feel a surge of dissonance that is more harmonious than the others?
(a) The machinery is working better.
(b) They have become used to the dissonance.
(c) The Experiment has shut down.
(d) The Experiment is almost complete.

12. When the narrator returns to the physical plane at the end of Chapter 7, who does he see?
(a) Charlene.
(b) Maya.
(c) Feyman.
(d) Long Eagle.

13. What does Charlene do while the guards are distracted by Maya?
(a) Throws a rock in the Experiment's machinery.
(b) Escapes.
(c) Grabs one of the guard's guns.
(d) Hits Feyman over the head.

14. Why do the narrator and Wil become aware of Feyman?
(a) He has entered their plane to check on his Experiment.
(b) He is sleeping and dreaming.
(c) An Experiment-triggered dissonance jolts them.
(d) His soul group comes in view.

15. What did the author say was different about Christ from most people?
(a) He believed in no religion.
(b) He had full awareness of his Birth Vision.
(c) He was part God.
(d) He believed in all religions.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what does the narrator say science was responsible?

2. What people does the narrator say espoused the idea of one God first?

3. What do Wil and the narrator observe on the plane where they go in the beginning of Chapter 7?

4. What was the Doctrine the church suppressed according to the narrator?

5. What does Wil confirm about Williams to the narrator?

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