The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision Quiz | Four Week Quiz A

James Redfield
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Williams and the other souls?
(a) They vanish.
(b) They return to their physical bodies.
(c) They join with Wil and the narrator.
(d) They travel towards the West.

2. Who is Wil?
(a) The narrator's friend.
(b) One of the rangers.
(c) A man who is with Charlene.
(d) A ghost of someone who dies in the valley a century earlier.

3. What is about to collapse according to Joel?
(a) Welfare.
(b) Civilization.
(c) The economy of the world.
(d) The Berlin Wall.

4. What is one circumstance that brought the narrator to where he is standing at the opening of the book?
(a) The death of his grandmother.
(b) The mysterious illness that is plaguing him.
(c) His divorce.
(d) The mysterious disappearance of Charlene.

5. How does Long Eagle think he may connect with other dimensions?
(a) By peyote.
(b) Through transcendental meditation.
(c) Through gateways in the valley.
(d) By quantum physics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What seems to be blocking Long Eagle from the insight he is seeking?

2. How does the narrator's ankle feel?

3. How can the narrator alter his experience of pain?

4. What does the narrator remember from the previous night?

5. What does Williams do in his last life?

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