The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision Character Descriptions

James Redfield
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The Narrator - The central character of The Tenth Insight is never identified by name.

The Group of Seven - This refers to characters encountered by the narrator, all of whom share with the narrator visions/memories of a shared experience in a past life.

David Long Eagle - This character is a Native American, first encountered by the author in the town outside the valley where most of the narrative takes place.

Curtis Webber - This character is another member of the group of seven.

Maya Ponder - This character is a black physician exploring the power and uses of non-traditional forms of healing - specifically, the idea that true healing involves movement of energy rather than the swallowing of pills or the cutting of surgery.

Charlene - This character is a friend of the narrator's, one with whom the narrator has recently resumed contact after...

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