The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

James Redfield
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Chapter 1

• The Narrator stands on the edge of a deep Appalachian valley and describes what brought him to this place.

• He had been searching for a woman, Charlene, with whom he discussed spiritual experiences. She apparently left a map to this location.

• He becomes involved in a conversation with David Long Eagle who claims he, like many, is looking for the Tenth Insight.

• Long Eagle says the valley is the place where many vision quests and spiritual encounters have occurred for his people.
• Long Eagle asserts that his own resentment towards white people is blocking him from seeing the Tenth Insight.

• He says he has seen Charlene with a man named Feyman. Long Eagle points to a man speaking with park rangers.

• Long Eagle speaks of a possible corporate buying of the valley, dissonant sounds here and dimensional gates in the area.

• He tells the Narrator they must...

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