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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 45, why does Helen say she can never see Mr. Markham again?
(a) Because of her wedding vows.
(b) Because he knows the truth.
(c) Because she dislikes him.
(d) Because she likes him too much.

2. What does Helen do when Mr. Hargrave offers her protection in Chapter 39?
(a) She says she will talk to him about it later.
(b) She ignores him.
(c) She accepts it.
(d) She turns it down.

3. What does Helen admit stands in the way of her marrying Mr. Markham in Chapter 53?
(a) His money.
(b) Her religion.
(c) Her brother.
(d) Society.

4. Why does Helen begin planning to leave again in Chapter 43?
(a) Because her husband is spending all their money.
(b) Because her husband hires his mistress.
(c) Because she saves up enough money.
(d) Because her husband starts to drink again.

5. In Chapter 50, why does Helen spend most of her time at Staningley?
(a) Because she is vacationing.
(b) Because of her exhaustion.
(c) Because Mr. Huntingdon asked her to.
(d) Because of her uncle's death.

6. Where does Helen's diary end?
(a) With her husband sending her a note.
(b) With her meeting new friends.
(c) With her son getting a dog.
(d) With her aunt sending her money.

7. In Chapter 46, why does Mr. Markham visit Mr. Lawrence?
(a) To stay entertained.
(b) Because Mr. Lawrence invites him.
(c) To know how Helen is.
(d) To be polite.

8. What does Frederick say about Helen staying at Wildfell Hall in Chapter 41?
(a) That he doesn't want her there.
(b) That she will be much happier.
(c) That she should try to make her marriage work first.
(d) That she will need to clean the place.

9. In Chapter 34, what does Helen tell Lady Lowborough to do when she reveals the affair?
(a) To stop the affair.
(b) To tell her husband.
(c) To go back home.
(d) To stop being polite.

10. In Chapter 37, why does Helen turn down Mr. Hargrave's offer of an affair?
(a) Because she dislikes him.
(b) Because she wants to protect her son.
(c) Because she is legally married.
(d) Because she still loves her husband.

11. Why does Jane Wilson move to the city?
(a) To avoid her brother.
(b) To write a novel.
(c) To work.
(d) To travel.

12. In Chapter 50, where does Helen go after Staningley?
(a) The shore.
(b) To the continent.
(c) To visit the Hattersley.
(d) Mr. Markham isn't sure.

13. In Chapter 42, what makes Helen believe she can stay in her marriage?
(a) Her son asks her to.
(b) Her husband's new attitude.
(c) Her husband quit drinking.
(d) The amount of time her husband is gone.

14. In Chapter 51, who tells Mr. Markham they heard that Helen is getting married?
(a) Mr. Lawrence.
(b) Eliza.
(c) Mr. Hattersley.
(d) Mary.

15. In Chapter 41, what does Helen do while her husband is in London?
(a) Gets her son to stop drinking alcohol.
(b) Buys train tickets.
(c) Finds her hidden jewelry.
(d) Starts painting again.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Helen sneak away from home to leave for Wildfell Hall?

2. In Chapter 43, who does Mr. Huntingdon hire?

3. Why does Helen's aunt want her to live at Staningley?

4. In Chapter 49, how does Mr. Markham learn about Helen?

5. In Chapter 30, where does Mr. Huntingdon go for the fall?

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