Objects & Places from The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

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Object Descriptions

Mrs. Huntingdon's Diary - This is how Helen explains her story to Mr. Markham.

Painting - This is how Helen tries to earn money for herself.

Mrs. Huntingdon Letters - This is how Mr. Markham learns about Helen's life after she returns to her husband.

Dogs - This is how Mr. Markham makes friends with Arthur.

Riding Crop - This is what Mr. Markham attacks Mr. Lawrence with.

Rose - This is what Helen gives Mr. Markham to show her love.

Keys - This is what Mr. Huntingdon takes from Helen to keep her from running away.

Wine - This is how Mr. Huntington likes to entertain his guests.

Wildfell Hall - This is where Helen goes to escape her husband.

Grassdale - This is where Mr. Huntingdon and Helen live after they are married.

Staningley - This is where Helen was raised by her aunt.


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