The Tenant of Wildfell Hall Character Descriptions

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Mrs. Graham/Mrs. Helen Huntingdon

This character pretends to be a widow in order to protect herself from the husband she ran away from.

Mr. Gilbert Markham

This character is in love with the daughter of the vicar, until a widow moves into town.

Mr. Frederick Lawrence

Rumors spread about this character having an inappropriate relationship with a women, until it is revealed that they are only brother and sister.

Mr. Arthur Huntingdon

This character leads a wild life and even tries to hire his mistress as a governess.

Young Mr. Arthur Huntingdon

This character's mother persuades him to reject drinking alcohol while his father is out of town.

Mrs. Milicent Hattersley

This character is able to persuade her husband to stop drinking and clean up his life.

Mr. Walter Hargrave

This character tries to persuade a woman to have an affair with him because her husband does...

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