The Tenant of Wildfell Hall Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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The Letter and Chapters 1-5

• Mr. Markham writes a letter to a friend.

• Mrs. Graham, a widow, moves in next door to Mr. Markham.

• Mr. Markham and his family become friends with Mrs. Graham.

• Mr. Markham looks through some of Mrs. Graham's paintings, which seems to bother her.

Chapters 6-9

• Mrs. Graham changes back and forth between being annoyed with Mr. Markham to enjoying his company.

• Mrs. Graham plans a trip to the shore to do a sketch.

• Eliza repeats gossip she heard about Mrs. Graham not being a widow.

• Mr. Markham begins to dislike Eliza.

Chapters 10-15

• Mrs. Graham is upset about the rumors circulating about her.

• Mr. Markham overhears Mrs. Graham and Mr. Lawrence talking about their affair.

• Mr. Markham hits Mr. Lawrence.

• Mrs. Graham gives Mr. Lawrence her diary in order to explain her relationship with Mr. Lawrence.

Chapters 16-21

• Helen, or Mrs. Graham, is...

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