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Charles McCarry
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Wolkowicz think Christopher is doing with Luong?
(a) Giving him money to leave the country.
(b) Not getting enough information for the money Luong is being paid.
(c) Coddling him.
(d) Feeding him false hope.

2. Why do Paul and David meet at the Statler Hotel?
(a) They know the security manager.
(b) They fear eavesdropping.
(c) That is where Paul is staying.
(d) They like the lunch buffet.

3. What does David's letter quote?
(a) The raven.
(b) Two lines of one of Paul's poems.
(c) One of the Ngo brothers.
(d) A line from The Wasteland.

4. Why does Paul rush to the United States?
(a) He suddenly understands something Kim says while they are talking in Rome.
(b) His mother is dying.
(c) His father is dying.
(d) He is told to return by Tom.

5. Who does Christopher pay off?
(a) Luong.
(b) His ex-wife.
(c) A Russian agent.
(d) His girlfriend.

6. About what did both Christopher's ex-wife, Cathy, and his girlfriend both obsess?
(a) The number of parties they attend each month.
(b) If Christopher is having an affair.
(c) Christopher's poetry.
(d) Their jewelry.

7. What photographs does Luong supply to Christopher?
(a) Pictures of the CIA assassinating the head of a Cambodian gangster in San Francisco.
(b) Pictures of Do Minh Kah and a mystery woman.
(c) Pictures of his wife cheating.
(d) Pictures of his girlfriend paying off a blackmailer.

8. What does Paul do under his assumed name?
(a) Draws out both American and CHF money.
(b) Goes to Amsterdam to await further news.
(c) Hides out at a third class hotel.
(d) Eliminates two potential turncoats.

9. What is Molly's nationality?
(a) American.
(b) English.
(c) Australian.
(d) New Zealander.

10. What is Truong toc's response to Ho's recommendation that they kill Paul?
(a) The Truong toc will consider it.
(b) The Truong toc declares him harmless.
(c) The Truong toc says enough bloodshed has gone on.
(d) The Truong toc says Paul is more dangerous as a dead martyr.

11. What does Foley believe?
(a) Paul's assertions.
(b) That LBJ needs to be protected more securely.
(c) That JFK deserves to die.
(d) That Paul is mental.

12. What does David maintain about the Ngos?
(a) That they are basically harmless without the two deceased brothers.
(b) That they are ruthless.
(c) That they never forget a wrong.
(d) That they have the motive and the skill to pull off the crime.

13. Who can predict and use others' mistakes?
(a) Only Paul.
(b) Only David.
(c) Both Paul and David.
(d) Neither Paul nor David are good at that.

14. How is the President of the United States at the time of this chapter described in Paul's conversation with Cremona?
(a) As a sycophant.
(b) As a cypher.
(c) As a patsy.
(d) As a man of action.

15. Who does Paul pretend to be when visiting Woldowicz?
(a) An investor interested in the Asian tea market.
(b) A reporter doing a story on the Ngos.
(c) An agent for the USSR.
(d) An investor intrested in the opium trade.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does David Patchen say Foley wants?

2. What does Paul see that he pieces together?

3. How does Foley label Paul's hypothesis?

4. What do David and Paul think can be used to find the truth in any situation?

5. Who is Nsango?

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