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Short Answer Questions

1. Whom is the Pedant disguised as in Act IV Scene IV?

2. What is the setting for Act III, Scene I?

3. What kind of bracelets does Petruchio describe in Act IV, Scene III?

4. Who speaks the following line in Act III, Scene II: “Ay, marry, sir, now it begins to work”?

5. Who does Tranio claim is the master of “the taming-school” in Act IV, Scene II?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where do Petruchio and Katharina arrive in Act IV, Scene I? How is Petruchio’s behavior characterized?

2. Characterize the relationship between Katharina and Petruchio in the narrative. How is their relationship commonly approached in performance?

3. What does Gremio reveal of the wedding in Act III, Scene II?

4. How is the character of Grumio characterized in the play? What is Grumio’s relationship to language?

5. How would you characterize the Pedant in Act IV?

6. How does Petruchio win his argument in Act IV, Scene V?

7. What disagreement takes place about the time of day in Act IV, Scene III?

8. How is Petruchio and Katharina’s retirement to the bedchamber described in Act IV, Scene I?

9. How does Lucentio go about revealing his identity in Act III, Scene I? How does Bianca respond?

10. What conversation takes place between Tranio, Lucentio, and Bianca in Act IV, Scene II?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Define and discuss “subtext” and “innuendo” in literature and drama. What are examples of sexual innuendo between Katharina and Petruchio in their first meeting? What does the subtext in this scene reveal to the audience/reader? Is subtext easier to identify when reading or viewing the play?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the language and style of The Taming of the Shrew. Define and discuss the following in your answer: prose, blank verse, and iambic pentameter. How is the meter defined in iambic pentameter? Where do the stresses lie in each syllable of the lines? What are examples of inversion in the meter of lines? What do inversions signify? What is a feminine ending?

Essay Topic 3

Analyze and discuss the characters of Christopher Sly, the Lord, the Hostess, and the Servants in the Induction. How is Sly’s appearance described? How wealthy is the Lord, and what is his home like? What are the objectives of each of these characters?

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