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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What word does Petruchio speak in Act III, Scene II meaning to engage in drunken revel?
(a) Compensate
(b) Incriminate
(c) Carouse
(d) Discriminate

2. Who exits with Petruchio and Katharina in Act III, Scene II?
(a) Gremio
(b) Grumio
(c) Lucentio
(d) Baptista

3. What kind of bracelets does Petruchio describe in Act IV, Scene III?
(a) Amber
(b) Silver
(c) Golden
(d) Diamond

4. What term from Act III, Scene II refers to an ecclesiastic representing the pope or a bishop?
(a) Coxcomb
(b) Vicar
(c) Monk
(d) Chantry

5. Katharina says in Act IV, Scene III, “The more my wrong, the more his spite appears: / What, did he marry me to” what?
(a) Abandon me
(b) Famish me
(c) Adore me
(d) Curry favor with me

6. Grumio tells Petruchio in Act IV, Scene I that there “was no link to color” whose hat?
(a) Peter’s
(b) Walter’s
(c) Nathaniel’s
(d) Gabriel’s

7. What does Bianca’s line from Act III, Scene I, “hic est Sigeia tellus,” translate to in English?
(a) I love you
(b) I know you not
(c) I trust you not
(d) I warrant nothing

8. Whose pumps were all “unpink’d I’ the heel” according to Grumio in Act IV, Scene I?
(a) Peter’s
(b) Nathaniel’s
(c) Walter’s
(d) Gabriel’s

9. What does the Haberdasher bring in for Petruchio to view in Act IV, Scene III?
(a) Gloves
(b) A hat
(c) A purse
(d) Shoes

10. Who says after Petruchio and Katharina’s departure in Act III, Scene II, “Went they not quickly, I should die with laughing”?
(a) Gremio
(b) Grumio
(c) Baptista
(d) Bianca

11. What does Baptista claim have ears in Act IV, Scene IV?
(a) Trees
(b) Pitchers
(c) Insects
(d) Walls

12. Whose coat does Grumio tell Petruchio was not fully made in Act IV, Scene I?
(a) Nathaniel’s
(b) Gabriel’s
(c) Peter’s
(d) Walter’s

13. Who speaks the following line in Act III, Scene II: “Ay, marry, sir, now it begins to work”?
(a) Grumio
(b) Hortensio
(c) Baptista
(d) Gremio

14. What is the setting for Act IV, Scene IV?
(a) Before an alehouse
(b) Hortensio’s house
(c) Before Baptista’s house
(d) A room in Lucentio’s house

15. Biondello tells Lucentio that the old priest from what church is at his command at all hours in Act IV, Scene IV?
(a) Saint Michael’s Church
(b) Saint Luke’s Church
(c) Saint Peter’s Church
(d) Saint Paul’s Church

Short Answer Questions

1. What is brought in by the Servants for Petruchio and Katharina’s dinner in Act IV, Scene I?

2. The Pedant worries in Act IV, Scene IV that Baptista will recognize him because twenty years ago they were lodgers at what establishment in Genoa?

3. Katharina states in Act III, Scene II, “I must, forsooth, be forced / To give my hand opposed against my heart / Unto a mad-brain rudesby full of” what?

4. What is Bianca’s reply in Act III, Scene II when asked, “Mistress, what's your opinion of your sister?”

5. What does the Latin word “regia,” used by Bianca in Act III, Scene I, translate to in English?

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