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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act IV.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the Pedant claim to be from in Act IV, Scene II?
(a) Mantua
(b) Lombardy
(c) Messaline
(d) Venice

2. Hortensio calls Lucentio a wrangling what in Act III, Scene I?
(a) Pedant
(b) Fool
(c) Dandy
(d) Coxcomb

3. Speaking in soliloquy, Petruchio states in Act II, Scene I, “Say that she rail; why then I'll tell her plain / She sings as sweetly as” what?
(a) A raven
(b) A finch
(c) A nightingale
(d) A canary

4. Christopher Sly claims that the Slys are no rogues and that they came in with whom in Scene I of the Induction?
(a) Zeus
(b) The Vikings
(c) Hannibal
(d) Richard Conqueror

5. Whom does “the shrew” refer to in the play?
(a) Viola
(b) Olivia
(c) Katharina
(d) Bianca

Short Answer Questions

1. The Pedant claims to have bills for money by exchange from where in Act IV, Scene II?

2. Hortensio claims that he will marry a wealthy widow before how many days pass in Act IV, Scene II?

3. Why does Grumio say his master beat him while traveling after the wedding in Act IV, Scene I?

4. Act I, Scene II takes place before whose house?

5. What word from Act II, Scene I means leaving no opportunity for denial or refusal?

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