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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act IV.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What city does the Pedant say is “renowned for grave citizens” in Act IV, Scene II?
(a) Pisa
(b) Messaline
(c) Padua
(d) Lombardy

2. Who exits with Petruchio and Katharina in Act III, Scene II?
(a) Gremio
(b) Baptista
(c) Lucentio
(d) Grumio

3. What does Petruchio’s line “Con tutto il cuore, ben trovato” translate to in English?
(a) With great joy do I wed thee
(b) With sorrow, I must ask you to leave
(c) With all my heart, I’m glad to see you
(d) With great regret, I inform you he is not home

4. Petruchio states in Act II, Scene I, “And where two raging fires meet together, / They do consume the thing that feeds” what?
(a) Their glory
(b) Their love
(c) Their fury
(d) Their fate

5. When Baptista asks Hortensio if his daughter will prove a good musician in Act II, Scene I, Hortensio replies that “she’ll sooner prove” what?
(a) A soldier
(b) A nun
(c) A rogue
(d) A gentleman

Short Answer Questions

1. Christopher Sly claims that the Slys are no rogues and that they came in with whom in Scene I of the Induction?

2. What is the setting for Act III, Scene I?

3. What does the Latin word “regia,” used by Bianca in Act III, Scene I, translate to in English?

4. What does Hortensio disguise himself as in order to move in on Bianca in Act I, Scene II?

5. Christopher Sly claims that his present occupation is that of what in Scene II of the Induction?

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