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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What were the last words the Queen spoke?
(a) There is a rat on the loose.
(b) There is a rat in my soup.
(c) That rat is at play.
(d) There is a rat in the dining hall.

2. Where does he fall to?
(a) Onto the goal post.
(b) Into the Queen's soup.
(c) Into the King's dinner.
(d) Into the Princess's lap.

3. What does the beating of the drum tell the Mouse Council members?
(a) That a mouse has been discovered.
(b) That an important decision must be made.
(c) That a crime has been committed.
(d) That a meeting is being called.

4. What does Despereaux believe his duty is?
(a) To live.
(b) To be in love.
(c) To survive the rats.
(d) To serve the Princess.

5. What does Gregory call the dungeon?
(a) The darkest place in the universe.
(b) The treacherous dark heart of the world.
(c) The most dangerous place in the world.
(d) The last place on earth.

6. What one thing must all mice do?
(a) Have a family.
(b) Conform.
(c) Avoid cats.
(d) Learn to read.

7. Why does a piece of red string get tied around Despereaux's neck?
(a) So he can use it to find his way in the dark.
(b) To be used as a portable sewing kit.
(c) To mark him as a condemned mouse.
(d) To remember his family by.

8. What is the rope necklace Botticelli wears the locket on made from?
(a) The thread of prisoners' blankets.
(b) The hair from prisoners' heads.
(c) The whiskers of mice.
(d) The thread from threadbare clothing.

9. What does Despereaux begin by reciting?
(a) There once was a mouse named Despereaux....
(b) While the cat is away.......
(c) If I were a rich mouse.................
(d) Once upon a time....

10. What does Despereaux have an unusual interest in?
(a) Cats.
(b) Card games.
(c) Humans.
(d) Outdoors.

11. What does Roscuro tell Botticelli he wants to do?
(a) Let someone else torture the prisoner.
(b) Leave the dungeon for ever.
(c) Move to another dungeon.
(d) Go upstairs into the light.

12. What does Roscuro do that gets him into trouble with Gregory?
(a) He takes all the stuffing.
(b) He bites Gregory's shoes.
(c) He chews on his rope.
(d) He steals food.

13. Which rat was born in the dungeon several years before Despereaux was born?
(a) Whiskers.
(b) Alec.
(c) Chiaroscuro.
(d) Chakara.

14. What did the King do after his Queen died?
(a) He stopped making music.
(b) He outlawed soup.
(c) He stopped singing.
(d) He sank into despair.

15. How does Despereaux describe the sound he hears?
(a) Honey-sweet.
(b) Sugar-sweet.
(c) Honey-smooth.
(d) Honey-treat.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many mice has Gregory saved before Despereaux?

2. How many brothers and sisters are in Despereaux's litter?

3. What part of Despereaux is complimented by the first human he meets?

4. What nationality is Despereaux's mother?

5. What does Despereaux's mother do when Despereaux is led away?

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