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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Lester call?
(a) The Mouse Council.
(b) The King.
(c) The Princess.
(d) His family.

2. What does Gregory call the dungeon?
(a) The treacherous dark heart of the world.
(b) The darkest place in the universe.
(c) The most dangerous place in the world.
(d) The last place on earth.

3. What does Botticelli do when the door opens to admit a prisoner?
(a) He runs to get Roscuro.
(b) He looks away from the light at the door.
(c) He runs into the darkness.
(d) He runs to get Gregory.

4. What does Roscuro tell Botticelli he wants to do?
(a) Move to another dungeon.
(b) Go upstairs into the light.
(c) Let someone else torture the prisoner.
(d) Leave the dungeon for ever.

5. How long has Gregory been in the dungeon?
(a) For decades, for centuries, for eons, for eternities.
(b) Six months or so.
(c) Two years.
(d) Five or six years, he isn't exactly sure.

6. Which rat was born in the dungeon several years before Despereaux was born?
(a) Alec.
(b) Whiskers.
(c) Chiaroscuro.
(d) Chakara.

7. What does the beating of the drum tell the Mouse Council members?
(a) That a meeting is being called.
(b) That an important decision must be made.
(c) That a mouse has been discovered.
(d) That a crime has been committed.

8. On what day does Roscuro leave the dungeon to go into the light of the castle?
(a) On the Princess's birthday.
(b) On the King's anniversary.
(c) On the day Despereaux is born.
(d) On Despereaux's first birthday.

9. Why does a piece of red string get tied around Despereaux's neck?
(a) To mark him as a condemned mouse.
(b) To be used as a portable sewing kit.
(c) So he can use it to find his way in the dark.
(d) To remember his family by.

10. What does Roscuro offer to do?
(a) Listen to any other confessionals.
(b) Take the cloth to ease the man's burden.
(c) Take a message to his son.
(d) Take a message to his daughter.

11. What happens to Roscuro as a result of seeing the light from the match?
(a) He has a headache from the light.
(b) He's afraid of the light.
(c) He's blinded.
(d) He longs for more light.

12. Who does Despereaux recognize as one of the guards?
(a) His sister Merlot.
(b) His brother Furlough.
(c) His uncle.
(d) His father.

13. What could Despereaux smell on the threadmaster's breath?
(a) Celery.
(b) Cheese.
(c) Peanut butter.
(d) Bread.

14. How many mice are in the Mouse Council.
(a) Five.
(b) Fourteen.
(c) Eight.
(d) Ten.

15. What is the most basic and elemental rule that all mice adhere to?
(a) Never eat cheese in the morning.
(b) Never walk a straight line.
(c) Never reveal yourself to humans.
(d) Never chase cats.

Short Answer Questions

1. What nationality is Despereaux's mother?

2. What broke Roscuro's heart?

3. What does the jailer show Despereaux?

4. Who is the first to find Despereaux in the dungeon?

5. What is Despereaux's father's name?

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