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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who arrived at the castle on the same evening?
(a) Siggery Mow.
(b) Gimmery Gow.
(c) Miggery Sow.
(d) Simmery Yow.

2. How does Gregory see in the darkness?
(a) His eyes have adapted.
(b) With a flashlight.
(c) With a glowstick
(d) With a candle.

3. What happens when he realizes this truth?
(a) He falls from the tree.
(b) He falls from the chandelier he is hanging on.
(c) He is hit with a broom.
(d) He is caught by the king.

4. What broke Roscuro's heart?
(a) That he would not be a guest at the party.
(b) That he would never be welcome in the light.
(c) The look the Princess gave him.
(d) The way the King cried for his wife.

5. Who does Lester call?
(a) The Princess.
(b) The King.
(c) His family.
(d) The Mouse Council.

6. What does Roscuro tell Botticelli he wants to do?
(a) Let someone else torture the prisoner.
(b) Leave the dungeon for ever.
(c) Go upstairs into the light.
(d) Move to another dungeon.

7. What do the guards tell Antoinette will happen to her son?
(a) He will be a slave.
(b) He will starve to death.
(c) He will become an albino.
(d) The rats will eat him.

8. What does Despereaux want before the guards lead him to the dungeon?
(a) A change of clothes.
(b) A last word with the Princess.
(c) A last meal.
(d) A piece of cheese.

9. Why does a piece of red string get tied around Despereaux's neck?
(a) To be used as a portable sewing kit.
(b) So he can use it to find his way in the dark.
(c) To remember his family by.
(d) To mark him as a condemned mouse.

10. What does Roscuro offer to do?
(a) Take a message to his son.
(b) Take a message to his daughter.
(c) Listen to any other confessionals.
(d) Take the cloth to ease the man's burden.

11. What did Despereaux do instead of searching for food like the rest?
(a) He read.
(b) He listened to the music.
(c) He slept.
(d) He explored.

12. What does Botticelli try to teach Roscuro?
(a) How to torture a prisoner.
(b) How to find Gregory.
(c) How to hunt for food.
(d) How to catch mice.

13. What is the first thing Despereax notices about the dungeon?
(a) The bad smell.
(b) The water.
(c) The odd sounds.
(d) The thick walls.

14. What is Despereaux's last name?
(a) Billing.
(b) Tilling.
(c) Filling.
(d) Milling.

15. Where does he fall to?
(a) Into the King's dinner.
(b) Into the Queen's soup.
(c) Onto the goal post.
(d) Into the Princess's lap.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Despereaux's brother and sister take him to the library for?

2. What did Furlough first notice when Despereaux was born?

3. What does Furlough see that makes him think that Despereaux is a goner?

4. When the Princess sees him and calls out, what does Roscuro realize?

5. Which rat was born in the dungeon several years before Despereaux was born?

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