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Mid-Book Test - Easy

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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Despereaux's last name?
(a) Tilling.
(b) Billing.
(c) Filling.
(d) Milling.

2. What does Despereaux believe his duty is?
(a) To be in love.
(b) To serve the Princess.
(c) To live.
(d) To survive the rats.

3. What do the guards tell Antoinette will happen to her son?
(a) He will become an albino.
(b) The rats will eat him.
(c) He will be a slave.
(d) He will starve to death.

4. What did the Pea announce when her father finished playing and singing?
(a) That she wanted to find a friend for Despereaux.
(b) That she wanted to rid the castle of cats.
(c) That she was going to keep Despereaux.
(d) That she wanted to save Despereaux.

5. What is Despereaux's father's name?
(a) Lester.
(b) Maxime.
(c) Charlie.
(d) Chester.

6. What does perfidy mean?
(a) Perfection.
(b) Chivalry.
(c) Deliberate treachery.
(d) Fidelity.

7. What is the last of the great, ancient rules of mice?
(a) Never touch humans.
(b) Never allow humans to touch a mouse.
(c) Never speak to humans.
(d) Never reveal a mouse's house to a human.

8. On what day does Roscuro leave the dungeon to go into the light of the castle?
(a) On the day Despereaux is born.
(b) On the Princess's birthday.
(c) On the King's anniversary.
(d) On Despereaux's first birthday.

9. How does Despereaux describe the sound he hears?
(a) Honey-treat.
(b) Honey-sweet.
(c) Honey-smooth.
(d) Sugar-sweet.

10. What does Roscuro do that gets him into trouble with Gregory?
(a) He takes all the stuffing.
(b) He chews on his rope.
(c) He bites Gregory's shoes.
(d) He steals food.

11. How does the Princess describe Despereaux's ears?
(a) Like bits of cotton.
(b) Like rose petals.
(c) Like remnants of silk.
(d) Like small pieces of velvet.

12. What does the jailer show Despereaux?
(a) A pile of old photographs.
(b) A pile of spoons, kettle and soup bowls.
(c) A pile of bones.
(d) A pile of love letters.

13. Which rat was born in the dungeon several years before Despereaux was born?
(a) Chakara.
(b) Alec.
(c) Chiaroscuro.
(d) Whiskers.

14. What did Furlough first notice when Despereaux was born?
(a) He never cried.
(b) He held his finger.
(c) His eyes were open.
(d) He smiled.

15. What one thing must all mice do?
(a) Conform.
(b) Have a family.
(c) Avoid cats.
(d) Learn to read.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Gregory put Despereaux?

2. What do Despereaux's brother and sister take him to the library for?

3. What did Furlough not see the Princess do?

4. What happens to Roscuro as a result of seeing the light from the match?

5. Why does Antoinette want no more babies?

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