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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Joan stab while she is in the Russian mansion?
(a) Androv.
(b) Henry Kimberly.
(c) Stanley.
(d) Thorpe.

2. What piece of equipment did Ann Kimberly seize in order to cripple the Russian plan?
(a) A radio.
(b) A GPS device.
(c) A telephone.
(d) A video camera.

3. Where does Joan hide after she stabs the person in the Russian mansion?
(a) A closet.
(b) A drainage pipe.
(c) A small room.
(d) A dumbwaiter.

4. How many men chase Claudia into the Russians' yard?
(a) Three.
(b) Two.
(c) Five.
(d) One.

5. How do Stanley and Joan seal the door to the shelter in the Russian basement?
(a) With sealant.
(b) With glue.
(c) With sand.
(d) With bricks.

6. Where does Thorpe suggest that he, Abrams, and Kimberly jog?
(a) To the docks.
(b) Through a deserted cemetery.
(c) Through the park's alley.
(d) To a deserted warehouse.

7. What was the poison that killed West?
(a) Arsenic.
(b) Cyanide.
(c) Sodium pentathol.
(d) Potassium.

8. What does Claudia do to the man she sees when she arrives at the Russian mansion?
(a) Seduces him.
(b) Gives him to the Americans.
(c) Kills him.
(d) Ties him up.

9. Where did Androv reroute Van Dorn's telephone calls to?
(a) His own residence.
(b) His own attic.
(c) His own telephone.
(d) His own switchboard.

10. What does Karl Roth spray on the food for the Van Dorn's party?
(a) Oil.
(b) Sleeping drugs.
(c) Truth serum.
(d) Poison.

11. Van Dorn tries to call where, to tell someone of his suspicions that the Russians are planning an attack on the U.S.?
(a) White House.
(b) CIA.
(c) National security advisor.
(d) Pentagon.

12. What does West say is the reason that Thorpe needs to unstrap him?
(a) To go to the bathroom.
(b) To eat.
(c) To get a drink of water.
(d) To stretch.

13. What does Claudia do to Maggie when Maggie tries to stop the food from being served?
(a) Ties her up.
(b) Throws her in the closet.
(c) Chloroforms her.
(d) Knocks her unconscious.

14. A team of ________ plan to parachute onto the Russian mansion roof.
(a) 101st Airborne Division paratroopers.
(b) World War Two paratroopers.
(c) 82nd Airborne Division paratroopers.
(d) Vietnam-Era paratroopers.

15. What describes Henry Kimberly's reaction to hearing that his daughter was poisoned?
(a) Nervousness.
(b) Obliviousness.
(c) Callousness.
(d) Parental concern.

Short Answer Questions

1. West nearly escapes, but what does Eva do to him?

2. When Abrams leaves the Russians' house, where does he go?

3. What does Abrams shatter in a passage, so he can escape?

4. In which suite was West's body found?

5. Whom does Abrams brief on the results of his reconnaissance in the Russian house?

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