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Nelson Demille
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 43-46.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What item contains insight into the identity of Talbot?
(a) An old journal.
(b) An old manila folder.
(c) A secret file.
(d) A computer file.

2. Where does Thorpe suggest that he, Abrams, and Kimberly jog?
(a) Through a deserted cemetery.
(b) Through the park's alley.
(c) To a deserted warehouse.
(d) To the docks.

3. Where does Thorpe have a suite?
(a) Lombardy Hotel.
(b) Watergate building.
(c) L'Enfant Plaza.
(d) Gettysburg Hotel.

4. When Abrams leaves the Russians' house, where does he go?
(a) The train station.
(b) The Van Dorns.
(c) The company town house.
(d) The University Club.

5. What is Patrick O'Brien going to do to get to Pine Barrens?
(a) Be dropped off by helicopter.
(b) Dive out of an airplane.
(c) Hike 10 kilometers.
(d) Drive an off-road vehicle.

Short Answer Questions

1. West nearly escapes, but what does Eva do to him?

2. After meeting Claudia, who does Abrams have a drink with?

3. How did Eleanor Wingate die?

4. What does Thorpe use to tell West it is an emergency?

5. When Abrams mentions his suspicions of Thorpe, what does Kimberly do?

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