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Nelson Demille
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 31-32.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who forged the journal that has the Talbot information in it?
(a) The Russians.
(b) Talbot.
(c) Thorpe.
(d) O'Brien.

2. Abrams is, as a police detective, used to relying on what?
(a) Reliable information.
(b) Facts.
(c) Informants.
(d) Other cops.

3. When Kimberly and Abrams arrive at the file room, who do they find dead?
(a) Arnold Brin.
(b) Alan Barrows.
(c) Alexi Bunkin.
(d) Alexander Burlap.

4. Where is the Van Dorn's 4th of July party?
(a) Glen Cove.
(b) Coventry.
(c) Chesapeake Bay.
(d) Virginia.

5. What does O'Brien ask Abrams to do?
(a) Take Kimberly with him on a mission.
(b) Protect Kimberly.
(c) Take Kimberly away from Thorpe.
(d) Take Kimberly on vacation.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Abrams notify of the dead burglar outside the next morning?

2. Who promised to go under cover into the Russians' mansion on July 4?

3. Thorpe claims to have kidnapped Carbury in the interests of what?

4. Who asked Carbury to find and kill Talbot?

5. What is the nationality of Abrams' family?

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