Objects & Places from The Talbot Odyssey

Nelson Demille
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This was the predecessor to the CIA and was active during World War II.


This is the Russian combination of the CIA and the mob and is a Gestapo-type police force.

Sodium pentothal

This is a truth serum used by government agencies to extract legitimate information from prisoners.

The Armory

This is an old building and features stunning architectural details.

The University Club

This is the exclusive club where West is snatched from.

Glen Cove

This is the small city that holds both a character's summer home and the Russian embassy's weekend retreat mansion.

The Lombardy Hotel

This is a character's residence and CIA safe house.


This is the Russian satellite that will detonate in the atmosphere over Nebraska, wiping out all the electronics in the United States.


This is a surge of electric energy that can, essentially, blow the fuse for an entire...

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