Daily Lessons for Teaching The Talbot Odyssey

Nelson Demille
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1-7)


Chapter 1-7: Two of the main themes of the book are espionage and observation. This lesson will focus on observation and what the various characters are observing versus what the reader is observing.


1. The book begins with a discussion between Abrams and O'Brien. O'Brien and Abrams are both in the business of observation---O'Brien is a spy/armchair spy and Abrams is an ex-NYPD detective. Divide the class into small groups. Have each small group make a list of things that O'Brien observed about Abrams, and then reverse the roles---what Abrams observed about O'Brien. In the list, include how the observations were made. Then, discuss the lists as a class.

2. Marc Pembroke and Katherine Kimberly have similar observational styles. What did they each observe at the party, and what conclusions do they draw from their observations? Have each small group make a list, and then as...

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