The Talbot Odyssey Fun Activities

Nelson Demille
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Alternate ending

Based on what you have learned about plot, fiction, and storytelling, write an alternate ending to the story.


Write an obituary for one of the characters who died in the book.


Write an account of the counterattack on the Russian mansion that could be posted on Twitter. Keep in mind that Twitter postings can only be 120 characters long each. Write about the whole counterattack from beginning to ending.

Comic book

Create a comic book based on the actual book.

Crossword puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle that is based on the story.

Interview with the author

Write an interview with the author. Include any questions that you would have for the author and possible responses.

Movie poster

Design a movie poster based on the novel. Make sure to include who the main characters will be portrayed by and images that represent the book. Also include...

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