The Talbot Odyssey Character Descriptions

Nelson Demille
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Tony Abrams

This person is a Brooklyn-born, Jewish lawyer.

Peter Thorpe

This person has two spies as biological parents and is the adopted son of a personal adviser to the president.

Katherine Kimberly

This person is a lawyer who is in a relationship with a spy.


This person is a legendary double agent who betrayed the United States to the Russians for decades.

Patrick O'Brien

This person is a senior partner at a law firm and former anti-Soviet spy.

Nicholas West

This person is a high-ranking intelligence officer who knows far too much about the CIA's history to be safe.


This person is a Romanian ex-patriot who lives in the law firm's townhome.

George Van Dorn

This person owns the house next door to the Russian estate in Glen Cove, Long Island.

Marc Pembroke

This person is a British employee of the law firm whose work...

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