The Talbot Odyssey Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nelson Demille
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Chapter 1-7

• Abrams and O'Brien meet on May 1 at Rockefeller Center.

• Abrams is a former NYPD detective from a Russian immigrant family.

• O'Brien hints that the Russians are planning a major strike against the U.S. and would like Abrams to participate in the operation.
• Next door to the Russian mansion in Glen Cove, Long Island, George Van Dorn is throwing a party at his house.

• The party is meant to provoke the Russians living next door.

• Peter Thorpe, a CIA operative, arrives at the party by way of helicopter and interviews the pilot about suspicious Russian activity.

• Stanley Kuchik is a Long Island high school student and, on a dare, hops the back fence of the Russian's estate to steal a flag.

• He escapes from Russian security by climbing into the basement of the Russian house.

• While in the basement, Stanley sees stockpiled supplies.

• Stanley escapes back...

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