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China Miéville and Thomas Kinsella
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Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Cuchulainn taken to recuperate?

2. Who was sent to seize Cuchulainn's javelin from him?

3. When the person sent to seize Cuchulainn's javelin was killed, what did he/she call the weapon?

4. Who refuses to fight a beardless boy?

5. Who is the fierce Ulster warrior who kills several army members while Cuchulainn is being healed?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Cuchulainn's mortal father and what is his role in the war?

2. How is it that Loch almost defeats Cuchulainn?

3. Why does Cuchulainn refuse to leave Ferdia's corpse?

4. What are the two choices Cethern is given by the royal healer and which does he select?

5. How does Fergus lose his sword? What does he do without it?

6. How does the army attempt to move Donn Cuailnge from Black Cauldron to Conaille?

7. What is Cuchulainn's unusual connection with the gods? How does his god-like father help him heal as the great army gets closer to Ulster?

8. Why does Fergus fear a mere boy warrior, Erc?

9. Who saves Cuchulainn's life as he faces a man and his 27 sons?

10. When Medb and Ailill get Fergus drunk and send him to fight Cuchulainn, why doesn't Cuchulainn kill him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the characteristics Joseph Campbell outlines for the mythical hero archetype. Which character best fits all of these characteristics and why?

Essay Topic 2

Name and define the five types of conflict. Which conflict prevailed in this novel? Select a different type of conflict and explain how this story would have differed under that particular type of conflict.

Essay Topic 3

Define exposition and discuss the exposition of The Tain. What does the reader learn about Celtic culture from the exposition in The Tain? Is the information consistent throughout the book or does it change? Explain your answer and reasoning.

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