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China Miéville and Thomas Kinsella
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is sent to portray Ailill in a meeting with Cuchulainn?
(a) Finnabair.
(b) Tamun.
(c) Medb.
(d) Cur.

2. What weapon does Cuchulainn use in Section VII to continue killing the army's men at night from afar?
(a) Canon.
(b) Fire.
(c) Sling.
(d) Poison darts.

3. Which river in Section VI swells and carries off one-hundred chariots?
(a) Tain.
(b) Gatlaig.
(c) Cronn.
(d) Colptha.

4. Who warns Cuchulainn that Medb is planning to ambush him?
(a) Laeg.
(b) Lugaid.
(c) Cur.
(d) Larene.

5. Who refuses to fight a beardless boy?
(a) Etarcomol.
(b) Nadcranntail.
(c) Curoi.
(d) Fergus.

6. Who warns Conchobor of the approaching army in Chapter XII?
(a) Rochad.
(b) Fingin.
(c) Sualdim.
(d) Cuchulainn.

7. What is the first weapon Cuchulainn and his foster-brother choose to fight with in Chapter XI?
(a) Hands.
(b) Spears.
(c) Rocks.
(d) Iron darts and shields.

8. Whose sword is stolen in Section VI?
(a) Cronn.
(b) Medb.
(c) Fergus.
(d) Ailill.

9. How does Cuchulainn protect himself from Gaile Dana and his sons?
(a) With a shield.
(b) By chasing birds.
(c) By hiding.
(d) By running.

10. Who was sent to seize Cuchulainn's javelin from him?
(a) A court jester.
(b) A bold warrior.
(c) A satirist.
(d) Medb.

11. Which river in Section VI seems to flood to bar the army from passing?
(a) Cronn.
(b) Gatlaig.
(c) Glenn.
(d) Tain.

12. Who is the youngest boy sent off to war for Ulster in Chapter XIII?
(a) Cur.
(b) Figin.
(c) Erc.
(d) Mac Roth.

13. How does the second day of fighting end in Chapter XI between Cuchulainn and his foster-brother?
(a) The book does not say.
(b) Another stalemate.
(c) The foster-brother wins.
(d) Cuchulainn wins again.

14. What is the name of Medb's herdsman killed in Section VI?
(a) Tain.
(b) Cronn.
(c) Glenn Gatlaig,
(d) Lothar.

15. Who is only severely maimed by Cuchulainn in Section VIII?
(a) Ferbaeth.
(b) Lugaid.
(c) Larene.
(d) Cur.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is angered that Finnabair spends a night with a man?

2. How many healers tell the Ulster warrior that he is beyond help?

3. What is the name of Cuchulainn's divine god-like father?

4. Who starts a war with Ailill's army after a truce is made with Rochad?

5. How many men does Cuchulainn kill when Medb's army attack him at their "truce" meeting?

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