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China Miéville and Thomas Kinsella
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who raced the chariot?
(a) Ailill.
(b) Dredriu.
(c) Macha.
(d) Fergus.

2. What is the name that Cuchulainn is first called?
(a) Sentant.
(b) Cathbed.
(c) Emer.
(d) Conchobor.

3. Where is the inn in which Conchobor and his men find shelter during their hunt?
(a) Brug.
(b) Ulster.
(c) Umster.
(d) Ireland.

4. Which king is forced into exile by the men of the community?
(a) Fergus.
(b) Muirgen.
(c) Conchobor.
(d) Derdriu.

5. What are the army's 3,000 elite warriors called?
(a) Galveston.
(b) Galeoin.
(c) Galestrom.
(d) Gae Bolga.

6. Who does Fergus want to marry?
(a) Conchobor.
(b) Derdriu.
(c) Macha.
(d) Nes.

7. Who is Conchobor's mother?
(a) Cathbad.
(b) Muirgen.
(c) Nes.
(d) Macha.

8. What is the name of Conchobor's sister?
(a) Nes.
(b) Deichtine.
(c) Conch.
(d) Derdriu.

9. How many neighborhood boys does Cuchulainn defeat as a toddler?
(a) 1.
(b) 150.
(c) 15.
(d) 25.

10. How does the toddler Cuchulainn defeat the neighborhood boys?
(a) By puking on them.
(b) By throwing a tantrum.
(c) By telling their mothers.
(d) By going into a warp spasm.

11. What board game does Cuchulainn like as a child?
(a) Yaschmatzi.
(b) Celtic Tic Tac Toe.
(c) Fidchell.
(d) Checkers.

12. Who acts as a midwife, delivering a child at the inn?
(a) Derdriu.
(b) Macha.
(c) Deichtine.
(d) Nes.

13. Who is the wise judge that Conchobor consults?
(a) Morann.
(b) Cathbed.
(c) Conall.
(d) Emer.

14. Which husband bragged that his wife could beat the fastest chariot?
(a) Ulster.
(b) Fergus.
(c) Crunniuc.
(d) Senchan.

15. What is the name of t he child who screamed in the womb?
(a) Macha.
(b) Ness.
(c) Fedlimid.
(d) Derdriu.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who forces Aife to bear a son?

2. How long does the curse on the men of Ulster last?

3. Why is Medb convinced the Ulster men will be easily defeated?

4. From where does Cuchulainn capture a live wild deer and a flock of swans?

5. What is it that Medb's army searches to find?

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