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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Daire?
(a) Donn Cuailnge's sister.
(b) Donn Cuailnge's owner.
(c) Donn Cuailnge's wife.
(d) Donn Cuailnge's brother.

2. In which land does Domnall originate?
(a) Apel.
(b) Abba.
(c) Albo.
(d) Alba.

3. How does the toddler Cuchulainn defeat the neighborhood boys?
(a) By going into a warp spasm.
(b) By telling their mothers.
(c) By throwing a tantrum.
(d) By puking on them.

4. Who gives the prediction that the first person to take up arms on a particular day would become a great warrior?
(a) Fedelm.
(b) Fergus.
(c) Cathbed.
(d) Emer.

5. Who refused to serve under a woman?
(a) Cuchulainn.
(b) Medb.
(c) Ailill.
(d) Finnbennach.

6. From where does Cuchulainn capture a live wild deer and a flock of swans?
(a) In a marsh.
(b) In the clouds.
(c) In a desert.
(d) In a forest.

7. How old is Cuchulainn's son when he arrives to his father?
(a) 10.
(b) 7.
(c) 5.
(d) 12.

8. Which element does Cuchulaiin's girl ask him to carry while jumping?
(a) Muhr.
(b) Lead.
(c) Silver.
(d) Gold.

9. Who does Fergus want to marry?
(a) Derdriu.
(b) Macha.
(c) Conchobor.
(d) Nes.

10. Of which community does Fergus rule as king?
(a) Tain.
(b) Ulster.
(c) Allil.
(d) Ireland.

11. Which of Medb's sons is beheaded by Cuchulainn?
(a) Fraech.
(b) Orlam.
(c) Mongrale.
(d) Aylull.

12. How does Cuchulainn kill the charioteer who did not follow his orders?
(a) With a javelin.
(b) With a slingshot.
(c) With a spear.
(d) With a rope.

13. Who convinces Cuchulaiin to go for more training?
(a) Forgall.
(b) Fergus.
(c) Domnall.
(d) Conchobor.

14. Which king is forced into exile by the men of the community?
(a) Fergus.
(b) Muirgen.
(c) Derdriu.
(d) Conchobor.

15. What is the name of t he child who screamed in the womb?
(a) Derdriu.
(b) Ness.
(c) Fedlimid.
(d) Macha.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is frightened by Cuchulainn's tree-chopping?

2. To whom does Fergus tell stories about Cuchulainn's great adventures and exploits?

3. Whose child lets out an audible scream from the womb?

4. Which misty figure explains the Tain?

5. Who has war with Aife?

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