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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through X - XI.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tries to get Cuchulainn to leave his foster-brother's corpse?
(a) Medb.
(b) Laeg.
(c) Ailill.
(d) Fergus.

2. To whom does Fergus tell stories about Cuchulainn's great adventures and exploits?
(a) Domnall.
(b) Emer.
(c) Ailill.
(d) Medb.

3. What is strange about Fedelm?
(a) She has 3 irises in each eye.
(b) She has 3 eyes.
(c) She has no pupils in her eyes.
(d) She has no irises in her eyes.

4. Which warrior agrees to fight Cuchulainn in Section VII in exchange for marrying Ailill's daughter?
(a) Fergus.
(b) Nadcranntail.
(c) Curoi.
(d) Etarcomol.

5. How does Cuchulainn halt the army's progress upon Ulster?
(a) With a curse of pain.
(b) With pure luck.
(c) With a secret potion.
(d) With a magical spancel-hoop.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the first day of fighting end for Cuchulainn and his foster-brother in Chapter XI?

2. Why does Fergus agree to face Cuchulainn in Section X?

3. Who do the king and queen believe to be their final solution in killing Cuchulainn?

4. Who is Donn Cuailnge?

5. Which warrior refuses to fight Cuchulainn in Section VII?

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