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This is a province of Ireland and the home of the good guys of the story.


This is the province of Ireland whose army opposes the good guys.

Donn Cuailnge

This is the prize bull which is sought.

Gae Bolga

This secret weapon consists of many barbs which open into the body.

The Warp-Spasm

This occurs when the physical body literally becomes disfigured.

Murtheimne Plain

This is the location of the great battle after the Ulster men rise and meet the Irish army.


This literally means the Ear of Beauty.


This is the other legendary bull, twin of the one being sought.

The Salmon-Leap

This is a special attack of the hero.


The hero is 1/3 divinity, 1/3 Ulsterman, and 1/3 of this.

The Curse of the Pangs

This was given to Ulster men for nine generations.

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