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Lesson 1 (from Before the Tain, pages 1 - 20)


The Tain is a tale of a heroic Irish warrior and a less than heroic king and queen as they begin a journey to capture a great bull. In pages 1-20, "Before the Tain," the reader learns that a man has gathered all the poets of Ireland to collect and recall the entire story of The Tain. When none of the poets know it, he sends a group of scholars out to find the rest of the story in a book called Cuilmenn. While it sounds ridiculous to today's reader, it is important to know that stories were recorded and passed along orally by poets and bards for many generations in Ireland. Today, students will study story-telling, and specifically how stories were told by poets and bards in the Celtic culture.


1) Class discussion: What is story-telling? What goes into telling a story? What goes into...

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