The Tain Fun Activities

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The Decembrist

Watch The Tain music video by The Decembrists.

Movie Night

Watch the movie called "The Tain" in class one day.

Cardboard Gael Bolga

Use cardboard tubes to create your own version of the gael bolga.

Post a Review

Write a review of the book and post it on a website like


Create and publish a blog about what you liked, didn't like, etc about The Tain.


Do more research into Celtic curses. Make a poster about curses to hang up in class.

Map It

As the killings and events occurred in particular areas, those areas became named for someone who battled on or near the site. Use the names in the book to see how many you can plot on a map today, or if any of those towns even really exist.

Board Game

Make a board game based on The Tain...

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