The Tain Character Descriptions

China Miéville and Thomas Kinsella
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Cuchulainn - This character wears a fake beard so men will fight him.

Medb - This character is lacking a prize bull.

Fergus mac Roich - This character is forced from the throne and into exile.

Ailill - This character allows his wife's infidelity because of the advantage of power the union might bring.

Conchobor - This character is a wise, powerful and respected ruler who is a leader, not a warrior, at the time of this story.

Mac Roth - This character is an army scout and messenger.

Ferdia - This character is finally killed with a gae bolga weapon.

Cathbad - This character is a druid with powers of foresight and prophecy.

Nes - This character tricks a king into giving up his throne and moving her son into the position of king.

Fedelm - This character is a prophetess.

Derdriu - This character smashes...

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