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Before the Tain, pages 1 - 20

• The poets of Ireland gather to a man named Senchan Torpeist to collect and recall the various stories of the "Tain Bo Cuailnge" in its entirety.

• The poets only know parts of the story, so Senchan sends a group of young scholars to find the rest of it, found in a book called Cuilmenn.

• Senchan's son, Muirgen is one of the scholars searching for the story. He finds the gravestone of Fergus mac Roich (one of the characters in the Tain). He prays over the grave to find the complete Tain.

• When Muirgen prays, the figure of Fergus appears before him in a mist and recites the whole Tain. Their mission accomplished, they return to Senchan, who rejoices.
• In some ancestral lead-ups to the Tain, young Nes happens upon a druid named Cathbad.

• Cathbad states that that day and time is perfect for...

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