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Short Answer Questions

1. Who accompanies Daniel to investigate Fleet Prison?

2. What do the Clubb members find along with a counterfeiting die?

3. What signifies that the gold is pure?

4. What does Daniel discover about Sir Isaac in his sedan chair?

5. Who does the King name First Lord of the Treasury?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jack question most about his life? What was the decision that might have led to a different life for him?

2. What is the significance of the cheering public throwing coins at Jack in his cell?

3. How has Dappa turned the tables on White by this point in the story?

4. What is the procedure for testing the gold guinea samples?

5. Describe the security measures at Westminster Abbey and what they are protecting.

6. Though torture is a punishment, does Jack gain anything positive from the experience?

7. What evidence does the Clubb find to expose Bolingbroke and White as counterfeiters?

8. How much does the gold weigh, and what is the significance of that weight?

9. Why is William Ham willing to assist Daniel and Saturn smuggle the Solomonic gold?

10. How is Sir Isaac's death hidden from the officials?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the story, people and objects are continually being disguised. Examine three examples from the book where a disguise is used. Determine whether the disguise is successful, and how/why it is or is not.

Essay Topic 2

Daniel deduces that Jack's actions are motivated by his love for Eliza. Can love really explain Jack's actions? What other motivations might have influenced his behavior? Use events from the book to illustrate.

Essay Topic 3

In Daniel and Sir Isaac's time, patenting laws and intellectual property rights did not exist to protect inventors and natural philosophers. What problems do the characters run into with the threat of someone stealing their ideas, and how do they protect themselves? How do you think these disputes would be settled if they occurred today?

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