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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens after Sir Isaac and Leibniz bid each other farewell?

2. What do the officials announce about Sir Isaac's coins?

3. What does the executioner no longer feel obligated to do?

4. What does Daniel unexpectedly state in the prison?

5. What do the Clubb members find along with a counterfeiting die?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the exchange between Jack and his visitor sicken Daniel?

2. What happens to Jack, according to the Epilogs?

3. What is White's offer to Jack, and how does Jack respond?

4. What advantage did Dappa have in the duel, and why might White have also let him win?

5. What are the negative aspects and results of the coronation of the king?

6. What does Daniel decide to tell Eliza about in his letter?

7. How does Daniel feel about what happens to Ravenscar in Chapter 9, and what must he now handle by himself?

8. What unusual occurrences has Jack experienced, and what is mysterious about them?

9. How much does the gold weigh, and what is the significance of that weight?

10. What is the procedure for testing the gold guinea samples?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the story, people and objects are continually being disguised. Examine three examples from the book where a disguise is used. Determine whether the disguise is successful, and how/why it is or is not.

Essay Topic 2

Identify a point in the book where one of the characters makes a significant 'mistake'. Analyze the sequence of events involving the mistake and determine when the mistake could have been prevented from happening, or fixed while happening. How would the story change if the mistake had never been made?

Essay Topic 3

Cite examples where a character from the book reminisces about his or her life and then uses that reflection to motivate a future action, or modify their current opinions / attitude. What prompted the character to think about his or her past, and did the reminiscing have a positive effect?

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