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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Leibniz afraid will happen before he finishes his project?

2. What does the executioner no longer feel obligated to do?

3. Who are Jimmy and Danny?

4. What does the King's messenger hope to find at Clerkenwell Court?

5. What is the gold smuggled to the shipping docks disguised as?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is different about the last moments Sir Isaac and Leibniz spend with each other?

2. What is Catherine Barton's role during the trial?

3. Describe the security measures at Westminster Abbey and what they are protecting.

4. 'Translate' two of Jack Ketch and Jack Shaftoe's riddles to each other, as they speak to confuse onlookers and listeners.

5. How has Dappa turned the tables on White by this point in the story?

6. Why is William Ham willing to assist Daniel and Saturn smuggle the Solomonic gold?

7. What happens to Jack, according to the Epilogs?

8. Does Sir Isaac approve or disapprove of the Earl of Lostwihiel and Colonel Barnes' new garrison of troops?

9. Describe Sir Isaac's illness.

10. Though torture is a punishment, does Jack gain anything positive from the experience?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Dappa is a negro author and shipmate of the Minerva. Explain how Dappa's character serves as a role reversal from a typical 'escaped slave' narrative, noting specific examples of how he interacts with other characters.

Essay Topic 2

In Daniel and Sir Isaac's time, patenting laws and intellectual property rights did not exist to protect inventors and natural philosophers. What problems do the characters run into with the threat of someone stealing their ideas, and how do they protect themselves? How do you think these disputes would be settled if they occurred today?

Essay Topic 3

Select two characters from the book who are accused of treason and analyze why they were accused. Do you think the characters' actions warranted the punishment (if any) that they received?

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