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Short Answer Questions

1. What does White promise Jack for accusing Sir Isaac of committing treason?

2. The Clubb believes finding what person will conclude the infernal device investigation?

3. Who does Daniel decide to write to at the end?

4. How does Jack reward the people who have congregated in his honor?

5. What does Jack remind the executioner about?

Short Essay Questions

1. What advantage did Dappa have in the duel, and why might White have also let him win?

2. What is White's offer to Jack, and how does Jack respond?

3. How has Sir Isaac made many enemies for himself, according to Chapter 33?

4. How is Sir Isaac's death hidden from the officials?

5. What does Daniel decide to tell Eliza about in his letter?

6. Describe the security measures at Westminster Abbey and what they are protecting.

7. In what ways has Sir Isacc been put at a disadvantage in obtaining proof?

8. Why does the exchange between Jack and his visitor sicken Daniel?

9. Why does Bob Shaftoe mention his brother as though Jack is still alive?

10. What unusual occurrences has Jack experienced, and what is mysterious about them?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The fate of England's currency is a major subject throughout the narrative: why does counterfeiting pose such a threat of unbalancing national stability? Be sure to explain Sir Isaac's role and effect in regard to England's economy.

Essay Topic 2

Each new member of the Clubb introduces a new mission and/or skill. Compare and contrast the Clubb at its first meeting to its subsequent gatherings in the book and evaluate how effective the Clubb is as a whole with specific examples from the text.

Essay Topic 3

The Whigs and the Tories are the two biggest political parties in England at the time of the novel. Daniel tries to remain neutral in regard to politics, but how are his actions affected by the politics of those around him? Compare and contrast the two parties, using examples from the novel.

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