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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the commanding officer of the English regiment?

2. Where does Daniel meet Princess Caroline?

3. What does Daniel think Jack's motivation is?

4. Who does the Queen's Army arrest and escort to the tower?

5. Where does Daniel first meet Sir Isaac's niece, Catherine Barton?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some striking examples of how Daniel's world operates under different rules and thinking than life today?

2. Describe how Thomas' invention works and how it would benefit the populace.

3. How does the attempt on the characters' lives emphasize the other elements of the plot at this point in the book?

4. What happens to Henry Arlanc, and why is this not a complete letdown to Daniel and Sir Isaac?

5. How does Daniel attempt to gain additional financial support for his research and inventions, and is he successful?

6. What does Ravenscar declare to the mob, and what does Daniel think of this?

7. What is the main dispute between Leibniz and Sir Isaac, and what part does Daniel play in all of it?

8. What does Johann think of Caroline, and what actions support this?

9. How does Daniel feel towards Dappa throughout their meeting in Chapter 13?

10. What political issues are burdening England when Daniel arrives in London?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Much of the debate and peril in the book surrounds the English monarchy and the rights to succession. Explain the tense political situation throughout the course of the book, and consider whether the characters are aware of the political peril they are in.

Essay Topic 2

Daniel deduces that Jack's actions are motivated by his love for Eliza. Can love really explain Jack's actions? What other motivations might have influenced his behavior? Use events from the book to illustrate.

Essay Topic 3

The Whigs and the Tories are the two biggest political parties in England at the time of the novel. Daniel tries to remain neutral in regard to politics, but how are his actions affected by the politics of those around him? Compare and contrast the two parties, using examples from the novel.

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