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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Daniel and Colonel Barnes think affects Leibniz and Sir Isaac's relationship?
(a) Bioluminescence.
(b) Gravity.
(c) Chemistry.
(d) Alchemy.

2. What is Bob Shaftoe doing when Daniel visits him?
(a) Counting out stacks of money.
(b) Breaking into a vault.
(c) Extracting brain juice from dead bodies.
(d) Categorizing insects by color.

3. How does Caroline's grandmother die?
(a) She suffers a stroke.
(b) She dies in her sleep.
(c) She takes her own life.
(d) She is poisoned.

4. What characters are attacked by would-be assassins in Hanover?
(a) Eliza and Dappa.
(b) Jack and De Gex.
(c) Daniel and Sir Isaac.
(d) Caroline and Eliza.

5. What does De Gex threaten to do to Eliza?
(a) Boil her alive.
(b) Throw her off a cliff.
(c) Burn her at the stake.
(d) Tear her limb from limb.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which group is the Queen showing favor toward in Chapter 13?

2. What does McIan receive from Jack before he enters the English mint?

3. Who does Roger Comstock want to expose to unify the nation?

4. What object does Daniel select to be auctioned off by Partry?

5. What is Mr. Bayne's country of origin?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the attempt on the characters' lives emphasize the other elements of the plot at this point in the book?

2. How does Daniel feel towards Dappa throughout their meeting in Chapter 13?

3. What political issues are burdening England when Daniel arrives in London?

4. What does Johann think of Caroline, and what actions support this?

5. Daniel must dispel certain thoughts both about himself and Sir Isaac; why is it not beneficial for him to be perceived as a Jacobite?

6. How do Eliza and Caroline confirm their suspicions that a spy is amongst them?

7. Describe how Thomas' invention works and how it would benefit the populace.

8. What does the assassination attempt make Caroline realize about herself and the state of England?

9. Compare and contrast Princess Caroline to her grandmother, Sophie.

10. Why does Dappa willingly allow himself to be apprehended?

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