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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Clubb members find along with a counterfeiting die?
(a) A new King George guinea.
(b) A new Princess Caroline guinea.
(c) A new Jack Shaftoe guinea.
(d) A new Queen Anne guinea.

2. What is inspected in case they have been made of gold and painted black?
(a) The anchors aboard the Minerva.
(b) The cannonballs on the Minerva.
(c) The portholes on the Minerva.
(d) The guns aboard the Minerva.

3. How does Sir Isaac have Jack tortured?
(a) He is stretched on a rack.
(b) He is shocked repeatedly.
(c) He is placed under a weight.
(d) He is burned with coals.

4. What does Jack remind the executioner about?
(a) The coins in his pockets.
(b) The size of his feet.
(c) The rope around his neck.
(d) The color of his eyes.

5. What signifies that the gold is pure?
(a) Its molten color.
(b) Its weight of 10 ounces.
(c) Its weight of 12 ounces.
(d) Its molten texture.

6. What is significant about the trial date for the Pyx?
(a) It is the day that Jack Shaftoe is to be executed.
(b) It is the day that the king is to be crowned.
(c) It is the day that Daniel is to return home.
(d) It is the day that Princess Caroline is to be married.

7. Who do Danny and Jimmy kill in Carolina?
(a) Their friend.
(b) The mistress of the property.
(c) The overseer of the property.
(d) Their father.

8. What did Eliza once ask Jack to choose?
(a) A mansion that was foreboding.
(b) Her hand in marriage.
(c) A token of her love.
(d) A lifestyle that was befitting.

9. Who serves as the gardener at Blenheim Palace?
(a) The Duke of Marlborough.
(b) Colonel Barnes.
(c) Bob Shaftoe.
(d) Jack Shaftoe.

10. What happens to Dappa after the duel?
(a) He defeats White and returns to prison.
(b) He nurses White back to health.
(c) He dies and White escapes.
(d) He defeats White and returns to the Minerva.

11. What does Daniel discover about Sir Isaac in his sedan chair?
(a) He has no clothes.
(b) He has died.
(c) He has a gun.
(d) He has a bomb.

12. What is marked on the buttons of Jack's suit?
(a) Religious symbols.
(b) Numbers.
(c) His initials.
(d) Alchemic symbols.

13. What are Haubites?
(a) A type of axe.
(b) A type of pistol.
(c) A type of sword.
(d) A type of cannon.

14. Why is the magistrate in a foul mood about the King's coronation?
(a) He thinks the festivities lasted too long.
(b) He thinks Jack should have been crowned king.
(c) He thinks he should have been crowned king.
(d) He thinks it should have been a public holiday.

15. Who accompanies Daniel to investigate Fleet Prison?
(a) Sir Isaac.
(b) Saturn.
(c) Jack.
(d) Threader.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Daniel that many men aboard the Minerva perceive him as bad luck?

2. Who is the visitor Daniel overhears Jack talking with?

3. What ailment does Sir Isaac suffer from?

4. What gives Daniel power over Sir Isaac in Chapter 24?

5. What does the executioner place over Jack's head?

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