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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the Earl of Lostwihiel's deputy?
(a) Sir Isaac.
(b) Colonel Barnes.
(c) Daniel.
(d) Ravenscar.

2. What does Jack remind the executioner about?
(a) The rope around his neck.
(b) The coins in his pockets.
(c) The size of his feet.
(d) The color of his eyes.

3. How does Sir Isaac have Jack tortured?
(a) He is stretched on a rack.
(b) He is shocked repeatedly.
(c) He is placed under a weight.
(d) He is burned with coals.

4. Who do Danny and Jimmy kill in Carolina?
(a) Their friend.
(b) The mistress of the property.
(c) Their father.
(d) The overseer of the property.

5. What does Threader do with the first sample from the Pyx before the goldsmiths begin their analysis?
(a) He melts it.
(b) He hides it.
(c) He weighs it.
(d) He drops it.

6. How is becoming a member of the Clubb different for Leibniz than for other members?
(a) He is elected to membership.
(b) He does not have to pay dues.
(c) He does not get inducted.
(d) He has to pay to be a member.

7. When is White arrested?
(a) After the trial of the Pyx.
(b) Before Jack's sons escape.
(c) After the King's coronation.
(d) Before the Queen's death.

8. White is arrested upon whose authority?
(a) The Lord Chancellor of the Royal Society.
(b) The Lord Chancellor of Westminster Abbey.
(c) The Lord Chancellor of the House of Lords.
(d) The Lord Chancellor of the House of Lords.

9. What is significant about the trial date for the Pyx?
(a) It is the day that the king is to be crowned.
(b) It is the day that Daniel is to return home.
(c) It is the day that Jack Shaftoe is to be executed.
(d) It is the day that Princess Caroline is to be married.

10. Who does Eliza give a second chance to?
(a) Caroline.
(b) Jack.
(c) Sir Isaac.
(d) Daniel.

11. Where does Daniel take the Shaftoe boys before he puts them aboard a boat for Carolina?
(a) To see their uncle.
(b) To see White.
(c) To see their father.
(d) To see their mother.

12. What does Ravenscar announce he is doing as a regent?
(a) Searching for the phosphorus maker.
(b) Calling for a trial of the Pyx.
(c) Challenging the Hanoverian succession.
(d) Firing Sir Isaac as master of the mint.

13. What happens after the proceedings begin at the trial of the Pyx?
(a) The royal goldsmiths are summoned.
(b) Sir Isaac is summoned.
(c) Daniel is summoned.
(d) The Queen's Army is summoned.

14. What is Leibniz afraid will happen before he finishes his project?
(a) That Peter the Great will take credit for it.
(b) That he will die.
(c) That he will make a mistake.
(d) That he will go to prison.

15. What do Daniel, the Earl of Lostwihiel, Saturn, Orney and Newcomen inspect and find to be working well?
(a) The Kit-Cat Clubb.
(b) The House of Lords.
(c) The steam engine.
(d) The clockwork volcano.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does White challenge Dappa?

2. Where do White and Dappa meet to duel?

3. Why does Sir Isaac no longer have the proof he needs?

4. What does Daniel discover about Sir Isaac in his sedan chair?

5. What do Daniel and Threader cast a new gold guinea out of?

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