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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Solomon?
(a) Peter the Great's monsieur.
(b) Peter the Great's brother.
(c) De Gex's monsieur.
(d) Daniel's monsieur.

2. How does Caroline respond to the English naval brig?
(a) She sacrifices Johann.
(b) She raises her flag.
(c) She issues an attack.
(d) She salutes the Captain.

3. For what reason do Daniel and Sir Isaac visit the shipyard in Chapter 8?
(a) To hire a boat.
(b) To buy some fish.
(c) To investigate a fire.
(d) To win a bet.

4. Where does Sir Isaac have Arlanc sent?
(a) Clerkenwell Court.
(b) Newgate Prison.
(c) The Royal Society.
(d) The Tower of London.

5. What proof does Roger provide to Bolingbroke indicating that Jack has been captured?
(a) A haubite.
(b) A telescope.
(c) A gold guinea.
(d) A pithina.

6. Mr. White's ship is known as what?
(a) The Minerva.
(b) The Thames.
(c) The Beagle.
(d) The Atlanta.

7. Which English lord is under house arrest?
(a) Sir Isaac.
(b) Lord Gy.
(c) Lord Bolingbroke.
(d) Lord Hollesloy.

8. Where does Daniel meet Princess Caroline?
(a) The Royal Society servants quarters.
(b) Aboard the Atlanta.
(c) The gardens of Queen Sophie's castle.
(d) The gardens behind Sir Isaac's house.

9. What is Bob Shaftoe doing when Daniel visits him?
(a) Categorizing insects by color.
(b) Extracting brain juice from dead bodies.
(c) Breaking into a vault.
(d) Counting out stacks of money.

10. What does Dappa choose to do?
(a) Write to Mr. White.
(b) Write as a captive.
(c) Kill his captors.
(d) Flee to the country.

11. Where does the one-armed Russian launch his attack?
(a) The Saracen's Head Inn.
(b) The Black Dogg.
(c) Hockley-in-the-Hole.
(d) The Kit-Cat Clubb.

12. Who does Daniel meet upon his arrival to London?
(a) Sonny and Cher.
(b) Enoch Root.
(c) Princess Caroline.
(d) Thomas Newcomen and Will Comstock.

13. What has Jack forgotten about, according to Partry?
(a) Another escape route.
(b) Daniel and Sir Isaac.
(c) The House of Lords.
(d) Another prisoner.

14. Who does Daniel believe was the intended victim of the incident in Chapter 4?
(a) Sir Isaac.
(b) Leibniz.
(c) Threader.
(d) Himself.

15. Where does the Clubb meet?
(a) The Fleet Street mansion.
(b) The subterranean vault in Clerkenwell.
(c) The vault in Westminster Abbey.
(d) The Royal Society servant quarters.

Short Answer Questions

1. What industries' futures are unsure due to flooded mines in England?

2. Where does Daniel witness Mr. White being beaten?

3. What does Jack get out of the ordeal with the Tower?

4. What happens to Lt. Throwley, the Yeoman guard from the Tower of London?

5. What does Daniel think Jack's motivation is?

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