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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is NOT something Henry Arlanc confesses to stealing?
(a) Gunpowder.
(b) Armor.
(c) Weapons.
(d) Guns.

2. Why is Daniel suspicious of Roger and his clockwork volcano?
(a) It doesn't work.
(b) It is too loud.
(c) It uses Phosphorus.
(d) Roger keep it hidden.

3. Who is disguised as a man with syphilis at Crane Court?
(a) Daniel.
(b) Sir Isaac.
(c) Dappa.
(d) Mr. Bayne.

4. Where does Caroline end up after she and Johann are attacked?
(a) Hooke's mansion.
(b) The Kit-Cat Clubb.
(c) The Thames River.
(d) The Royal Society.

5. What is Caroline doing while she reminisces about her life?
(a) Writing a letter.
(b) Brushing her hair.
(c) Riding a horse.
(d) Picking flowers.

6. Where are Colonel Barnes, Daniel, Sir Isaac and Charles White headed in Chapter 21?
(a) The Isle of Grain.
(b) The Isle of Man.
(c) Tower Island.
(d) Wheat Island.

7. Who does the Queen's Army arrest and escort to the tower?
(a) Sir Isaac.
(b) Mr. Bayne.
(c) Daniel.
(d) Jack.

8. What event does Daniel discuss with Sir Isaac after his summons to the House of Lords?
(a) The Queen's trial.
(b) The Queen's birthday.
(c) The Queen's address.
(d) The Queen's engagement.

9. Who accompanies Dappa to Worth's coffeehouse?
(a) Daniel.
(b) Smith.
(c) Jones.
(d) Eliza.

10. What is the profession of Sir Isaac's nemesis?
(a) Butcher.
(b) Coinier.
(c) Barber.
(d) Soldier.

11. Who does Daniel meet upon his arrival to London?
(a) Enoch Root.
(b) Princess Caroline.
(c) Sonny and Cher.
(d) Thomas Newcomen and Will Comstock.

12. What happens to Lt. Throwley, the Yeoman guard from the Tower of London?
(a) He is promoted.
(b) He falls asleep.
(c) He murders Rufus MacIan.
(d) He is murdered by Rufus MacIan.

13. Which English lord is under house arrest?
(a) Lord Bolingbroke.
(b) Sir Isaac.
(c) Lord Hollesloy.
(d) Lord Gy.

14. Where are the sheets of gold located on the Minerva?
(a) Under the ballast.
(b) Under the beds.
(c) In Daniel's room.
(d) In Dappa's room.

15. What does De Gex threaten to do to Eliza?
(a) Burn her at the stake.
(b) Tear her limb from limb.
(c) Boil her alive.
(d) Throw her off a cliff.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does McIan receive from Jack before he enters the English mint?

2. What does Eliza advise Dappa about?

3. Who does Eliza want put to death for betraying the country?

4. What character helps claim the Pyx from the vault?

5. Who is Daniel surprised to see on board a Russian naval vessel with Peter the Great?

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