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Lesson 1

Objective: Book 6: Chapter 1 | Book 6: Chapter 2 | Book 6: Chapter 3 | Book 6: Chapter 4 In this section, Daniel Waterhouse arrives in England and must make his way to London with company he barely knows. Daniel's attitude towards the other characters (whether or not he trusts them) changes several times over the course of the chapters, but for better or for worse? The objective of this lesson is for students to understand how the concept of Trust influences Daniel's actions and dictates the events of the story.

1) Solo Activity: Have students brainstorm and list the cues (physical, emotional, verbal, etc.) that help them determine whether someone they are meeting for the first time is trustworthy (a potential friend or foe), and have them indicate if Daniel notes any of these cues when he meets the other characters in this section.

2) Group Discussion: Divide the students into groups and have them discuss the external...

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