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Terry Brooks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the Dwarf that travels with Allanon on the journey?
(a) Handel.
(b) Hindel.
(c) Hendel.
(d) Hundel.

2. What is the beautiful girl by the tree doing when Menion sees her?
(a) Reading.
(b) Sleeping.
(c) Singing.
(d) Bathing.

3. What kind of land formation was called the Dragon's Teeth?
(a) Mountains.
(b) Volcanoes.
(c) Ravines.
(d) Craters.

4. Who does Menion say will be the best protection for Shea?
(a) Balinor.
(b) The Dwarves.
(c) Allanor.
(d) The Army of Leah.

5. What does Flick say when he sees Menion is gone?
(a) "He always shows up."
(b) "He can manage on his own."
(c) "Maybe we are better off."
(d) "He probably left on purpose."

6. What protected the group against the Sphynxes?
(a) Blindfolds.
(b) Protective chants.
(c) Healing herbs.
(d) Ear plugs.

7. What is the name of the first forest the brothers come to on their journey to Anar?
(a) Dulb.
(b) Dulk.
(c) Dult.
(d) Duln.

8. What does the Dwarf who saves Menion call him?
(a) A very lucky man.
(b) A fool.
(c) An idiot.
(d) A human.

9. Why was Allanor the only one who could approach the lake that was reached after Shea and Flick were healed?
(a) Only immortals could approach it.
(b) Only those with magic could approach it.
(c) Only those pure in heart could approach it.
(d) Only those with children could approach it.

10. What is the name of Flick's father?
(a) Curzed.
(b) Curdezz.
(c) Curezzed.
(d) Curzard.

11. What does the stranger in the woods NOT do while traveling with Flick?
(a) Talk about himself.
(b) Listen to Flick.
(c) Keep an eye on the surroundings.
(d) Warn Flick of danger.

12. Where does Allanor tell the brothers to flee to in a note to them?
(a) Carlsbad.
(b) Cullhaven.
(c) Cathamhill.
(d) Carlington.

13. Why is the Dwarf with Allanon given the task of leading the group?
(a) Balinor trusts him more than the rest.
(b) Allanon saw him leading in a dream.
(c) He drew the shortest straw.
(d) He knows the area the best.

14. Who takes a rope across the bridge to secure it well?
(a) Handel.
(b) Dreya.
(c) Flick.
(d) Dayel.

15. Who does the creature in the pre-war city attack?
(a) Hendel.
(b) Shea.
(c) Menion.
(d) Flick.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Menion try to meet up with the brothers again?

2. What was the beautiful girl by the tree?

3. What does Shea beg of Menion and Flick as they set out on the journey?

4. What does Menion want to pass through to get to Anar?

5. What protected the group against the Banshees?

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