Objects & Places from The Sword of Shannara

Terry Brooks
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Shady Vale

This is a peaceful, isolated location. It is the home of Shea and Flick and the location of their Father's inn.

Hall of Kings

This is a tomb where monarchs are buried. It is filled with poisoned treasures as well as a reptilian creature that drips venom.

Sword of Shannara

This can kill evil by revealing the truth of its nature to the bearer and the recipient of its touch.


This is the home of the Warlock Lord and the Skull Bearers.


This is the home of most of the remaining humans.


This is the home of a group of healer Gnomes. The water from a pool there is the key to healing people of all races.

Sword of Leah

This is passed down to the eldest Prince of Leah.

Skull Kingdom

This is the home of Brona and his minions.



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