The Sword of Shannara Fun Activities

Terry Brooks
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Mythical Creatures

This book described a land filled with magic, and therefore, magical creatures. Have the students split into groups, and have each group create a new creature that would reside in this world.

Unique Setting

This book had a very unique setting as it was supposed to be held in a post-apocolyptic world. Have the students find all of the different clues showing that this book took place AFTER our time- long after a Nuclear War.

Hall of the Kings Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course that holds challenges similar to the ones found in the Hall of the Kings, i.e. a place they must pass through with blindfolds, a place to answer riddles, a place with loud and horrible noises needed ear plugs, a part with steep or rocky paths.


Have the students create an image of what they think the Elfstones looked like...

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