The Sword of Shannara Character Descriptions

Terry Brooks
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Shea Ohmsford

This character is half human and half Elf who is quick to trust and has a very forgiving nature.

Flick Ohmsford

This character is short and stocky with brown hair and busy eyebrows making him look older than his years. He likes people and traveling places.


This character is an old Druid who has been around for an unknown number of years, and accepts his own infallible nature.

Balinor Buckhannah

This character is the Prince of Callahorn and the first in line for the throne behind his father.

Menion Leah

This character likes to hunt, track, and go on life-threatening adventures, partially to upset his father.

Durin Elessedil

This character is always ready to help wherever he is needed without concern for his own well-being, and can slip up close to enemies.

Dayel Elessedil

This character is a full-blooded elf and is extremely protective of...

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