The Sword of Shannara Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Terry Brooks
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Chapter 1

• Flick is traveling home when he meets a stranger in the woods. The stranger asks for directions to the Vale.

• They travel and Flick talks about himself while the stranger stays silent. He seems to know more about Flick than he lets on.

• A dark shadow passes overhead, and the stranger tells him to hide. Flick does so and stays silent, although he is very scared.
• They get to the inn of Flick's father and are warmly greeted. The stranger reveals his identity as Allanon, a well-known historian.

• Shea, Flick's brother comes into the room. He looks very different from Flick having Elvish qualities.

• Allanon greets Shea and says he has come to the Vale to find him.

Chapter 2

• Shea remembers what little he can of his childhood. His father died when he was a baby. He lived with the elves until his mother got sick.

• When...

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