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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Hyde as a sailor and officer?
(a) Overbearing.
(b) Lacks self confidence.
(c) Takes foolish chances.
(d) Reliable and uninmaginative.

2. How long does it take to get the Minnie ready to sail?
(a) Three days.
(b) An hour or two.
(c) Many hours.
(d) A week.

3. What does the Ariel do?
(a) Tries to sneak into the west end of the bay to find a way to take the fortress.
(b) Goes back to the English fleet to report of the failure to convince Grimsholm.
(c) Leads several transports of British troops into the harbor.
(d) Goes back to open sea to plan a rescue of Maturin.

4. What is the relationship between Maturin and the commander at Grimsholm?
(a) They are brother-in-laws.
(b) They both wanted to marry the same woman many years ago.
(c) The commander is Maturin's Catalan godfather.
(d) They both serve in the intelligence corps.

5. How does Maturin feel about the reunion?
(a) Trepidation.
(b) Great joy.
(c) Hesitation.
(d) Reserved.

6. What do Ariel and her transports manage to weather?
(a) A tsunami.
(b) A promontory.
(c) High winds.
(d) A rogue wave.

7. What type of vessel does Aubrey wish to capture?
(a) A merchant vessel of French registry.
(b) Any that he can find since he can redo the markings.
(c) A slaver ship.
(d) A local traonsport of small vessel that Grimsholm knows.

8. What does Maturin think the meeting with the commander of Grimsholm will require?
(a) Nimble thinking.
(b) He is unsure.
(c) Slow, methodical interaction.
(d) Lots of patience.

9. What does Aubrey feel a few hours later?
(a) He has a massive headache.
(b) Ill as if he were poisoned.
(c) A premonition of disaster.
(d) That they are missing something in their planning.

10. What happens when the Minnie is chased as planned?
(a) It is fired upon and damaged badly.
(b) It makes dock without drawing hostile fire.
(c) It is fired upon and sunk.
(d) It is fired upon and turns and flees.

11. Why is celestial navigation out of the question?
(a) Overcast skies.
(b) Their navigator died while at Grimsholm.
(c) The charts for extrapolation were lost overboard in the last fight.
(d) They do not have a sextant.

12. Why would Aubrey pretend to chase the Minnie?
(a) To enhance the impression that the Minnie is a friendly transport.
(b) So Maturin could look as though he is not with the English.
(c) To distract the men in Grisholm.
(d) To give his sailors some practice under hostile conditions.

13. What is the approximate crew capacity of the Ariel?
(a) About 25-40.
(b) About 270-300.
(c) About 112-120 men.
(d) About 50-75.

14. Why would Grisholm give the Minnie docking privileges?
(a) Because the Minnie is bringing the new relief commander to Grisholm.
(b) Because the owner of the Minnie is in Grisholm at the moment.
(c) Because the Minnie is bringing supplies to Grisholm
(d) Because the Minnie is known to be friendly to the French.

15. How is the crew of the Ariel?
(a) Generally knowlegeable but not ambitious.
(b) Disciplined and well trained.
(c) Slovenly.
(d) About 80 percent are on their first sea assignment.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Maturin hint to Aubrey at Aubrey's home?

2. What is held after meeting up with the fleet?

3. What can prevent a ship from determining its longitude?

4. Where do the Catalan forces go?

5. From what does Hyde suffer?

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