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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is celestial navigation out of the question?
(a) The charts for extrapolation were lost overboard in the last fight.
(b) They do not have a sextant.
(c) Their navigator died while at Grimsholm.
(d) Overcast skies.

2. What does Pellworm predict as he is put ashore?
(a) More disasters.
(b) A sneak attack by the French.
(c) The weather to worsen.
(d) The weather to break.

3. What moves into the area?
(a) A huge pod of bottlenose dolphins.
(b) A large storm system.
(c) A huge pod of humpback whales.
(d) A thick fog.

4. Where is Ariel headed?
(a) The Rock of Gibraltar.
(b) Cape Horn.
(c) The Atlantic Ocean.
(d) The Baltic Sea.

5. Who joins Aubrey in chasing the Minnie?
(a) The Blarney.
(b) The Humbug.
(c) The Shannon.
(d) The Java.

6. Why would Aubrey pretend to chase the Minnie?
(a) So Maturin could look as though he is not with the English.
(b) To give his sailors some practice under hostile conditions.
(c) To enhance the impression that the Minnie is a friendly transport.
(d) To distract the men in Grisholm.

7. With whom do the transports rendezvous?
(a) Several prisoner transports.
(b) A commercial fleet.
(c) No one.
(d) A group of French civilians.

8. What is the Minnie?
(a) A fishing vessel.
(b) A local transport known as a fast sailor.
(c) A small pirate vessel.
(d) A French packet.

9. How accurate is Maturin's watch?
(a) It loses about a minute every week.
(b) It loses a minute every 3 hours.
(c) It is extremely accurate.
(d) It loses about a minute a day.

10. What does Maturin suggest?
(a) That Jiegello assume command of the Minnie.
(b) That the Ariel pretend to chase the Minnie into the harbor at Grimsholm.
(c) That Aubrey dress as a pirate when sailing the Minnie.
(d) That Aubrey dress as a Dutch officer while sailing the Minnie.

11. What does Aubrey discuss with Maturin at this point in the book?
(a) A rather technical discusssion of time and navigation.
(b) A technical discussion of loading procedures for getting the right trim.
(c) A technical discussion of sail shapes.
(d) An involved discussion of the merits of his wife versus Amanda Smith.

12. Who is known to be enroute to Grimsholm?
(a) Admiral Lord Nelson.
(b) Napoleon.
(c) French officers.
(d) The Duke of Wellington.

13. Where do the Catalan forces go?
(a) Home.
(b) They are captured and put in the dungeon at the fortress.
(c) They flee inland.
(d) They stay there and help the English get established.

14. What does Pellworm say about the voyage?
(a) That they should go forward as fast as possible.
(b) That it is doomed.
(c) That they should pull into a quiety bay and wait for a few days.
(d) That they should turn back.

15. With whose fleet does the Ariel rendezvous?
(a) Admiral Sir Drake.
(b) Admiral Hornblower.
(c) Admiral Lord Nelson.
(d) Admiral Sir James Saumarez.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the seas like as the convoy travels onward?

2. What does Aubrey call the view from the crow's nest?

3. For what is Aubrey searching?

4. Why does Hyde have to cut Jagiello's meat?

5. Who does Aubrey warn in a small boat?

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