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HMS Shannon and USS Chesapeake

These are two heavy frigates that fight a single-ship action off the coast of New England.

HMS Ariel

This is a flush-decked ship-rigged corvette captured from the French.


This is a Baltic transport that is well-known as a fast ship.


This is a fictional fortress located in the Baltic Sea and garrisoned originally by a large force of Catalan soldiers.

False and Failed Pregnancy

This physical situation in which Villier finds herself is real; whereas, the same situation which Smith claims is fake.

HMS Jason and Médusae

This is an English ship-of-the-line that chases the French warship Médusae.

The Temple

This is an ancient fortress, originally constructed by the Knights Templar during the 12th century.

Duhamel's Pistol

Duhamel owns this weapon which is double-action-only.

The Blue Peter

This is an enormous diamond taken from a mine named Golconda.


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