Objects & Places from The Sun Is Also a Star

Nicola Yoon
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This album cover is featured on Natasha's phone case and serves as a symbolic inspiration for Irene.


This event in the novel is the turning point for Natasha's family. It is due to this charge that Natasha's family ultimately faces deportation.


This object belonging to Natasha is damaged when she is almost run down by a drunk driver when crossing the street.


This object belonging to Daniel represents his creative and expressive personality.

Love Study

Daniel attempts to sway Natasha toward romance by approaching her scientifically through this symbol in the novel.


This is the setting where Daniel and Natasha first kiss, and it represents passion and intimacy in the novel.


This college is the backdrop for Daniel's appointment in the narrative. It represents achievement for his parents, yet he has no interest in attending.


This college is where Daniel's brother...

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