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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What slows the monkey, Mrs. Coulter's daemon, when it is after Lyra?
(a) Dr. Malone
(b) The cat Will rescued
(c) A group of teenagers walking by
(d) The arrival of two police officers

2. What do Will and Lyra see the children are carrying as they head towards Will and Lyra's location?
(a) Guns
(b) Hanging ropes
(c) Knives
(d) Gasoline

3. What does Will wrap around his fingers as a manner of protection from the knife during the fight?
(a) His shirt
(b) A rope
(c) A piece of fur hide
(d) A bed sheet

4. Where does Will say the Specters might have come from?
(a) The knife itself
(b) Heaven
(c) Will's world
(d) Lyra's world

5. What does Lee say he wants to do before the Zeppelins reach them?
(a) Land in the water
(b) Land in the hills
(c) Get lower
(d) Get higher

6. What does Serafina do when they begin the spell to heal Will's hand?
(a) Makes Will part of their clan
(b) Makes a potion
(c) Sings
(d) Does a forgotten dance

7. What does the old man tell Will and Lyra he will do after they leave?
(a) Jump to his death
(b) Take poison
(c) Run away
(d) Hang himself

8. What does the Dust that Dr. Malone is able to contact tell her that they are?
(a) Memories
(b) Ghosts
(c) Angels
(d) Her own subconscious

9. What does Sir Charles tell Mrs. Coulter that Lyra is?
(a) Smelly child
(b) Repellent brat
(c) Aristocrat
(d) Insufferable dunce

10. What does Serafina give Will to eat before he has breakfast?
(a) Bugs
(b) Roots
(c) Leaves
(d) Wine

11. What does Sir Charles tell Will he will do if Will comes back without the knife?
(a) Give Will to the men looking for him
(b) Have Will's mother committed
(c) Press charges
(d) Call the police

12. What does Lee show the warehouseman that allows them to regain the use of Lee's balloon?
(a) A five dollar bill
(b) The Skraeling's family crest
(c) The Skraeling's ring
(d) A letter from the Church gotton of the Skraeling

13. What does Serafina reply when Ruta Skadi asks if she has looked into Will's eyes?
(a) She hasn't dared
(b) She knows already what is there
(c) She is afraid to
(d) She has been unable to do so

14. What does Will has happened to him after the fight is over?
(a) Will has lost two of his fingers
(b) Will is missing a piece of his ear
(c) Will has been cut on the foot badly
(d) Will has been cut at the knee badly

15. What does Grumman say that Lee can thank the fire Grumman built?
(a) Dry matches
(b) Boy Scouts
(c) Magic
(d) Blow torch

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Grumman have in his hand that he says brought him to this world?

2. What does Dr. Malone say that the police officer was from that came to see about Lyra?

3. What is it that begins hunting Will while he is listening in to Sir Charles and Mrs. Coulter?

4. What did Dr. Malone NOT expect to find inside the tent?

5. What does Sir Charles offer to do for Dr. Malone and her research?

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