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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Will tell Sir Charles it doesn't matter if he knows where the door to Cittagazze is?
(a) Sir Charles is wanted for murder in Cittagazze
(b) Sir Charles is too old to follow
(c) Sir Charles knows of other doorways already
(d) Sir Charles is scared of the Specters

2. What does Pan tell Lyra he hopes that he will be when he stops changing?
(a) A flea
(b) An ape
(c) A lion
(d) A dragon

3. What causes Lyra to be worried about Will's hand other than the fact that it is continuing to bleed?
(a) It doesn't match his shoes
(b) It has black lines tracing his veins
(c) It is red and swollen
(d) It is oozing puss

4. What does Dr. Malone say that Sir Charles gave them with his "offer" to help their funding?
(a) A need to find the little girl
(b) An ultimatum
(c) A view into Sir Charles' plans
(d) A reason to shut down the project

5. What does Grumman say that the name the Tartars call him by translates to?
(a) Destiny
(b) John Parry
(c) One who was found
(d) Death walking

6. What does the Dust tell Dr. Malone that she must do before she leaves to go on her journey?
(a) Destory the equipment
(b) Kill Sir Charles
(c) Find Lyra
(d) Fix the equipment

7. What is the first thing Will tells Lyra to ask the alethiometer about?
(a) His father
(b) His mother
(c) The Specter's origins
(d) Mrs. Coulter's plans

8. What do the witches feed Lyra and Will when they finally are able to meet up?
(a) Raccoon
(b) Rabbit
(c) Deer
(d) Squirrel

9. What does Sir Charles say he has been working as for many years?
(a) A church official
(b) A multiworld inspecter
(c) A table dancer
(d) A spy

10. What does Serafina reply when Ruta Skadi asks if she has looked into Will's eyes?
(a) She is afraid to
(b) She hasn't dared
(c) She knows already what is there
(d) She has been unable to do so

11. What does Will wrap around his fingers as a manner of protection from the knife during the fight?
(a) A bed sheet
(b) A piece of fur hide
(c) His shirt
(d) A rope

12. What does Grumman compare the specters to?
(a) Werewolves
(b) Vampires
(c) Dust
(d) Angels

13. What does the Dust tell Dr. Malone that she must take the role of?
(a) Disciple
(b) Martyr
(c) Serpent
(d) Angel

14. Where does Serafina tell the children to meet?
(a) Top of a tower
(b) Oxford
(c) A cave
(d) Just outside the city

15. What does Grumman have in his hand that he says brought him to this world?
(a) A knife
(b) A Navajo ring
(c) An Indian necklace
(d) A silver and blue bracelet

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Will say the Specters might have come from?

2. What question does Serafina ask Will when they first meet?

3. Why can Serafina and the other witches not land to get Lyra and Will?

4. What does Grumman explain that the troops intend to do with the forest in order to get Lee and Grumman?

5. What takes Lyra and Will so long to reach the witches at the meeting place?

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