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Chapter 1, The Cat and the Hornbeam Trees

• Will Parry takes his mother to a friend's house and asks that his mother be taken care of.

• Will returns home to find his father's letters in the green leather writing case and kills one of the intruders.

• Will finds a window that leads to another world.

• Will meets Lyra, who is also from another world.

Chapter 2, Among the Witches

• Serafina is looking for Lyra and happens upon a boat.

• Serafina finds that Mrs. Coulter is torturing a witch for information about Lyra.

• Serafina kills the witch and flees Mrs. Coulter.

• The witches decide to go and find Lyra, and Lee goes off to find Grumman and a weapon he had.

Chapter 3, A Children's World

• Two children tell Lyra and Will that Specters attack the grown ups in Cittagazze, but not the children.

• Lyra gets clothing to make her less conspicuous...

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