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Ann Rule
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Short Answer Questions

1. Ted approaches Leslie Ann Parmenter in Jacksonville, Florida, but she gets away because who intervenes in Ted's plan to kidnap her?

2. Ted's Florida trials begin in the middle of what year?

3. What date is Ted executed?

4. When Ted is picked up by police after running from Tallahassee, he insists his name is what?

5. As the trial nears its end, Ann realizes what?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Ted is charged with the attacks and murders of the Tallahassee women as well as the death of Kimberly Leach, how does he react? What does this show?

2. What recreational activities does Ted enjoy after he escapes to Tallahassee? Why are these significant?

3. After Ted is finally caught by a policeman while trying to escape in a stolen orange Volkswagon bug, he gives what name to police?

4. After telling the reader about Ted's sentence -- death by electric chair -- what does Ann admit about herself?

5. As of 1986, Ted Bundy has not yet been executed. Why is he still on Death Row?

6. Knowing that Ann has received notoriety for a book about his crimes, what does Ted demand of her?

7. Why aren't Ted's crimes in Washington, Utah and Colorado brought up during the sentencing phase of Ted's trial?

8. Ted and Ann still correspond via letters while Ted is awaiting trial. How does Ted describe his state of mind to Ann in those letters?

9. Ted steals a license plate and a white Dodge van. What number on the license plate turns out to be significant and why?

10. Before Ted is executed in 1989, what does he do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

It can be difficult for most people to "get into the mind" of a serial killer like Ted Bundy. Talk about what makes it so difficult to understand Ted's actions from any of the following perspectives:

a) From a logical standpoint.

b) From an emotional standpoint.

c) From a societal/cultural standpoint.

d) From a romantic standpoint.

e) From an intellectual standpoint.

Essay Topic 2

Ann makes excuses for Ted's sociopathic behavior throughout the book, most notably explaining her theory that he has three different personalities. From your perspective as someone who has read the book, how do you feel her theory might have colored the way she told Ted's story? Do you think it is possible for a person in Ann's position to provide readers with a truly objective look at someone like Ted Bundy?

Essay Topic 3

Even after Ann accepts that Ted is a serial killer, she still corresponds with him. Do you feel this shows strength or weakness on her part? Describe in detail what has lead you to this conclusion.

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