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Ann Rule
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Despite Ann's suspicions about Ted, she still does what?
(a) Sees him regularly.
(b) Supports him.
(c) Wants to work with him again.
(d) Wants to marry him.

2. What kind of a professional does Ann go to in order to help her feel less conflicted about writing her book?
(a) A physician.
(b) A hypnotist.
(c) A police officer.
(d) A therapist.

3. The author is a former what?
(a) Writer.
(b) Artist.
(c) Policewoman.
(d) Psychologist.

4. After Ted lands in Florida, he finds a room at what location?
(a) The Maple apartments.
(b) The Oak apartments.
(c) The Cedar apartments.
(d) The Spruce apartments.

5. How do Ted's relatives feel about his arrest?
(a) They are relieved that he has been discovered.
(b) They support him and cannot believe he would be placed in jail.
(c) They refuse to say anything to anyone, so no one can be sure.
(d) They do not find out about it because he keeps it from them.

6. In the spring of 1974, what crimes are becoming a problem for the residents of Seattle?
(a) College students are missing.
(b) Babies are being kidnapped from their strollers.
(c) Expensive cars are being stolen every week.
(d) Houses are systematically being burned down.

7. The author of the book suggests that Ted has how many personalities?
(a) One.
(b) Three.
(c) Two.
(d) At least seven.

8. Why can't John Henry Browne defend Ted?
(a) John is Ted's brother-in-law.
(b) Ted hasn't been charged in Washington.
(c) John believes Ted is guilty.
(d) Ted and John never get the chance to talk.

9. When Ted returns home to Seattle for Christmas in 1974, what happens regarding his relationship with Meg?
(a) She tells him she is pregnant.
(b) They decide to move to Florida together.
(c) They reunite.
(d) She accuses him of the abductions and murders.

10. Whose letters and documents does the author include in this book?
(a) Meg's.
(b) Ted's.
(c) Stephanie's.
(d) Joni's.

11. After visiting Ted, Ann continues her communications with Ted through what means?
(a) Letters.
(b) Face-to-face meetings.
(c) Post cards.
(d) Phone calls.

12. Why is Ted placed into solitary confinement?
(a) He is found with items which could aid his escape.
(b) He gets into a fight with the other prisoners.
(c) He starts a fire in his cell.
(d) He is found with contraband cigarettes and alcohol.

13. The day after Ted's call to Ann in 1977, he does what?
(a) Escapes from the Garfield County Jail.
(b) Sets out to become the Garfield County Jail's best prisoner.
(c) Tries to hang himself in the Garfield County Jail.
(d) Gets released on good behavior from the Garfield County Jail.

14. The author suggests that Ted is able to sense what in the women that he abducts and murders?
(a) Passion.
(b) Intelligence.
(c) Fragility.
(d) Strength.

15. What does Ann think is one of the strongest characteristics that Ted possesses?
(a) The power to give back.
(b) The power to receive love.
(c) The power to manipulate others.
(d) The power to understand anything.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the new law that Ted worked on and championed ironic?

2. Kenneth Misner and Chris Hagen are who?

3. The more Ann learns about the abductions, the more she starts to think what?

4. Ted continues to defend himself in whose murder?

5. Despite her doubts about him, Meg agrees to do what with Ted in December, 1975?

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