The Stranger Beside Me Short Essay - Answer Key

Ann Rule
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1. Why does Ted Bundy change his name upon arriving in Tallahassee, Florida?

Ted Bundy changes his name to "Chris Hagen" because he recently escaped from a Colorado jail. He wants to start a new life and does not want to go back to prison.

2. Why does Ted's mother move with Ted across the country in 1950 to live in Seattle, Washington?

Ted's mother moves with Ted across the country in 1950 because she realizes that if they stay in their hometown, Ted will eventually discover that she is his mother and not his sister, as he believes. She thinks that if they move, Ted will never find out his true parentage and will avoid the humiliation of being labeled a "bastard".

3. How does the author describe Ted's persona during high school and into his early college years?

The author says that during high school and early college, Ted is an above-average student who is well-liked among his peers. However, due to his slight build, he isn't good at varsity athletics.

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